September 2, 2008

At this age...

Jacob is starting to really become a friend. He plays peekaboo nonstop, although he prefers it when you say "boo!" to him. This makes him giggle, a chuckle that comes deep from his belly, a sound of genuine happiness that I think only a baby can have. He loves his "silkie", a silk blankie, his "nubbie" a blanket and teddybear combination, and his "paci" (pacifier). He loves to catch and throw balls, and is pretty good at it already. He also loves to eat, especially blueberries and cheese. He hates when a toy is taken away or when he is hungry. He falls asleep practically on command and wakes up with a smile on his face.

Drew is coming into his own as "not a baby" but a "big boy". He is questioning everyone and everything and testing his limits. His favorite possession is his Wall-e toy. His favorite thing to eat is candy. Every time he comes out of his bath he makes sure to come find me so that I can smell how clean he is. Drew would rather hear a story we tell him than read a book at night. He has such a strong imagination, the couch is his boat/fort/train/truck. Sometimes he will just look at me and ask to give me a kiss, and then sometimes he will completely ignore me.

I am just starting to feel like an adult. I worry constantly about my family and friends, especially my family. I am not such a good friend, but I am becoming a pretty good Mom, and I worry that I am a bad wife. My life is defined for me and I live in the confines of these definitions sometimes. I always feel like we are on the edge of impending doom, yet I have much hope, joy and happiness as well.

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