September 24, 2008


It finally Happened.

I got old.

First it was the caffeine. Like my Mom and Sister before me, I have now realized if I drink caffeine after 2 pm I am up until 2 am.

Now it is the carbonation? Diet coke is giving me such bad heartburn, it makes it difficult to breathe. Before I got pregnant, I didn't even know what heartburn really was. So now I can no longer drink pop.

Oh yeah, and I have been going to bed at 9am and prefer to eat dinner at 5pm. I also won't go see a movie at night either (too busy! too expensive!).

I also use the phrase "stupid kids" when I drive through East Lansing, and see all of the young kids walking around downtown.

Was it really that long ago that I was hanging out down by the fountain (loitering) and hanging out in grimy Pinball Pete's, hoping not to see my parents drive by because I wasn't allowed in East Lansing? (Sorry Mom!) When my biggest concern was what my friends were doing at Every. Single. Moment.? Not are we going to be able to pay the bills/keep our jobs/raise our children well?

11 years sure goes by fast..... I guess it's true, the youth is wasted on the youth.

Even all my concerns and missing my carefree life, I wouldn't change a thing. I am very lucky. (I could even say "F*cky" which is what I called the driver in the Yukon who almost sideswiped my car this morning- a combo of "f*cking lucky". That is a high degree of luck, my friends.)

Even though our dryer, dishwasher, printer and car broke down, I am very "f*cky".

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