September 30, 2008


So, I broke my toe. I ran into a wagon wheel while putting something in my car. I was in the garage in the dark (yeah, I know, I learned my lesson). My husband came running out and asked me if I was ok (after yelling "why did you walk into the garage in THE DARK?"). I told him yeah, I was fine. Then I looked down at my toe (yes I was barefoot- this was not my finest moment okay?). My two toes were making some sort of peace sign. Then I knew I was going to pass out, and I knew I had broken it. I cried in my stupidity. Then I went to bed, and had dreams that it would all be okay, because my bone would heal when I became a Vampire. (This might be the product of reading the Twilight series a little too much- what do you think?)

This morning I went to the "doc in a box" as my Dad calls it- Urgent care, because I thought it might be dislocated, not broken. After commenting on how much weight I've lost since I was last there (which I told them, I had a newborn baby when I went last time, but really is there any need to comment on it? Yes I was fat, now I am chubby and I am still hoping to move towards just "curvy" and I don't want to discuss it when I am there about my TOE). They told me they only saw a little in one of the slides, not all of them so it is not "technically" broken. What?!? How can something be not "technically" broken? How is a little break not a break? I have broken a toe before and let me tell you, it is broken. So I asked her why it looked all crooked and she told me that it was from swelling and I corrected her, it was like that BEFORE the swelling. She didn't know why. So now my toes are taped together, I have a copy of my x-ray and my stupid visit probably is going to cost me another $200. Awesome.

What really annoys me is that it's only been 9 months since I broke my finger. It's so frustrating that I can be so clumsy and hurt myself at a point in my life that I can not have down time. Especially this month, with Jacob's 1st Birthday coming up. And now I am hobbling around. One year olds and 3 year olds don't take kindly to Mom taking a rest. Stupid Janna.

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