October 13, 2008

Am. Freaking. Out.

So I decided that the only way to celebrate Jacob's birthday this Sunday is with a big birthday party. My Mom suggested something small, and I was like "no Jacob likes people and crowds and he will enjoy it." So I went through and invited a lot of family and a couple of my friends. I sent out the invitations [rsvp regrets only] and waited for people to tell me they weren't coming, as is per usual.

Except, no one canceled. And since our last party, Drew's 3rd birthday party,took up all of the space in our house last time, I don't know what I will do.

Did I mention that since Drew's party there have been 4 babies born?
Please insert 20 more people in here.

The count is as of now- 40 people total- 15 of them children, in my 1300 sq. ft house.

Me and my big mouth and ideas.... pray for nice weather for me so people can sit on the deck outside.

1 comment:

  1. I hear ya, for my sons 2nd b-day we had two parties, insane.

    I added a link to you on jodifur.



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