October 30, 2008

Before Jacob

I won't use the initials because that will get a whole DIFFERENT target audience checking on this blog- but Before Jacob, back when I worked retail, I had a blog on myspace. I transferred some of those blogs over, but not all, so here's a snippet of some short ones.

I was driving down the street, playing my newly fixed ipod (thanks Shaun) when a song comes on. I get really into it, singing and tapping my toes, and then I realize it is The Wiggles. I still have the Wiggly Party song in my head.

Definitely is the one word in the English language I can't remember how to spell ever! I'm a good speller too, I was runner-up in my 3rd grade spelling bee, (and the girl who won was like a genius). But there is a spell check on my computer that turns it red until I get it right. So now I know, and knowing is half the battle. Definitely! I know that I am a dork, definitely a dork.

You know, I think I work pretty hard at being a good mom. I have my bad moments, like my potty mouth road rage in the car (don't people know that when I have Drew, he is precious cargo?), but I think I do alright. Sometimes my son does not agree with me, however. Since I am commuting to work, Drew goes to sleep before I get home on the nights I work late. Now, if it's not bad enough doing the lonely dark drive home, I don't get to see him before he goes to sleep, and I'm tired and should (read: never) go directly to bed. All in all, it sucks. It's not something I enjoy, and Drew doesn't make it any easier. Last night I had to work late. So this morning I woke up to Drew crying. Shaun went to get him out of his crib and bring him to me for a morning cuddle. He would not cuddle with me or look at me. He even said "Mommy go", as in "Mommy, why did you abandon me?" (at least that's what I heard). All morning long he ignored me. Finally I was forgiven for my bad behavior, and he gave me a kiss. My hurt feelings were forgotten (somewhat) and life went on.

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