November 21, 2008


Okay, so I don't have Strep Throat.

I DO have bronchitus.

When I went to ready care the Doctor (?) said that I seemed fine (strep was neg) and as long as I didn't cough into anyone's faces I wouldn't get them sick. Then he asked me if I needed a Doctor's note for work. This is after he off handedly gave me a 'scrip for z-pac when I said I was coughing up phlegm. (This is a ready care I love because they DO NOT weigh you, and also they have a built in pharmacy-feels a little like an alley in Mexico, but whatev.)

"Can I not go to work? Am I too sick?"

"No, you're fine."

"Okay, then, no. I really need to be at work tomorrow." Seriously. I couldn't believe it. I was trying to be conscientious, not trying to get out of work.

As I was leaving, he handed me a piece of paper about bronchitus, and I was like, oh so that's what's wrong with me!

So now I am losing my voice and just sound like some boozy lounge singer. It's all good though, because at least I feel better today.

Anyway, enough about the sickness.

Drew has a birthday party tomorrow. It's his first birthday party for a non-family or mom-friend. It's for a classmate of his, even though he told me that the classmate does not like him. (It was seriously the saddest conversation ever. It really broke my heart. But Drew does tell some fibs so I am wondering if there is any truth to the story.) So I need some help here. Shaun is going with Drew (yes, I talked him into it because obviously we can't bring Jacob).

How much do you spend on a 4 year old classmate's gift?

Is it wrong that I am making Shaun go? Totally bad Mommy behavior or perfectly acceptable given my current gross voice box?

And finally...

Does this mean we start inviting classmates to Drew's parties? He already has about 10 cousins (and second cousins) we invite to his birthday.

Does anyone actually follow the "as many kids as the age" at birthday parties anymore?

I know no one will answer these questions, even the lurkers that are friends and family out there... but if you have any sugestions I am all ears!


  1. I can't answer any of these questions except the one about Shaun going in your place. Perfectly acceptable.

    Also, sorry for your bronchial tube. The office was sooooo lonely on Friday.

  2. Ok, yes it's perfectly fine for Shaun to go. Second, spend about 10-15 tops. Trust me they won't even remember it's from you. Lastly, Drew has lots of friends, even a "group" of them that play together, get in trouble together (all the incident reports) they are the best and worst of friends. He was either having an off day, or telling Mommy a story. Don't stress.



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