November 20, 2008

Week from hell

I have a ton of ideas from which to write about (which is unusual) but all I can think about is Damn, I'm sick.

I mean "can't swallow or sleep it hurts too much" sick.

However not quite to 'delusional with chills" sick.

Jacob is sick too, has been all week with an ear infection. This is a point of contention with me and my husband. We have the same argument every time.

Me: He has an ear infection, look when I pull on his ear he gets mad.

Husband: Well, of course he gets mad, he doesn't want you to mess with them. He is just teething, look, his hand is in his mouth, he's drooling!

Jacob: Wah!

Me: Well maybe you are right. Maybe his ears hurt from the teething. What do you think, should we take him to the doctor?

Husband: No, he's just teething.

Me: NO?!? We don't know for sure!

Husband: Well then take him to the doctor, I don't know.

Me: I need you to agree with me. I don't know what to do either!

And on and on...

This morning Jacob woke up with crusties in his eyes and so I took him to the Dr.

Result: Jacob is getting about 4 teeth in and he HAS an ear infection. Poor kid.

Meanwhile, I have been busy at work. We had a work open house yesterday. To explain what this was like I will use an example.

Take your High School open house.

Subtract friends and family, replace with co-worker and strangers you have to mingle with.

Also, subtract alcohol.

Add a sore throat and a sneaking suspicision you are giving everyone strep.

Add boss that is freaking out over every little thing.

Add different tasks that you are assigned to do every 30 minutes, like greeting people. Or directing people to fill out name cards.

It was as wonderful as it sounds.

I am home with Jacob right now. When my husband gets home I get to go to ready care. Then I will see if I have strep. If I do, I need to drive all this stuff over to a work and explain how to facilitate this training because I am the only one who has done these trainings before. If not that means I have to drive to Grand Rapids and facilitate a training all day. Either way it sucks.

Someone is up.... I will keep you posted. What I would do NOT to be a working Mom today....

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