November 1, 2008

Halloween Craziness

Mom, get me out of this thing!

Yesterday my Mom and I were talking about our vacation. About how family activities usually don't go great where everyone has a fun time and loves it but you get through it(c'mon, think back and admit it, it's unusual that EVERYONE has fun)... and our vacation was an exception to that.

Well Halloween proved that this is definitely a true statement. Drew could not sleep the night before, and didn't sleep well at school and consequently when I came to "trunk or treat" he told me he just wanted to go home. He did participate, and did ok, but he was not a happy camper. Even so, we soldiered on....
Trick or treating in Trunks! What a novel idea!
At least Daddy's having a good time, or faking it better!
We love Halloween!
Shaun took them home early, and I passed out Candy at my trunk, and had to stay and finish. WOO-HOO! Another Holiday bites the dust and we made it through! Here's hoping next year is a little more successful.
Now of course, Drew is running around the house in his costume and having a great time. So at least he is appreciating it now!

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