November 7, 2008

Learning to live with myself

I have a lot of weird collections. I collect Coke Rewards points (and I have so many that you would think I might soon suffer from "spontaneous dental hydroplosion" from all of that soda drinking- thanks The Office), proof of purchases from Gerber products and Pampers Rewards points. All of these things I collect are toward a big picture. What do I want to purchase with these points? (For a while I had my eye on a sandwich maker, but I got one for my birthday- thanks Mom!) What is the overall goal? Because if you don't have a goal in mind why spend all the ridiculous time collecting these items?

I have started a new collection. A collection of Photos... with me in them. I have really shied away from the cameras since I had my children. My face is too fat now, and I look ridiculous standing next to my beautiful, perfect family. , I thought. Lately, though, I have realized, it's been almost 4 years now, do I want to go through my life without pictures with me and my family? What kind of message am I sending my children? I may never look the way I used to... I might always be bigger, but I think it is important that children know that I love myself, and I love them no matter what they look like. Because they will always be beautiful to me.


  1. I collect newspapers from important days... because I have this fantasy that my kids will be like me when they grow up and find it interesting to have them...

    I'm almost assuredly mistaken.

  2. OMG Janna...not that I don't understand the sentiment, but don't ever forget you are PART of your beautiful family (and the one I happen to like best:-). YOU help make the picture pretty, always.
    I'm going to stop before it sounds like I have a girl crush on you.

  3. Whatever Sarah, you totally want me. It's okay, I knew it ;).



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