December 30, 2008

8 Things I hearted in 2008

8 Things I loved in 2008 (in Haiku form).
(Not necessarily all from 2008, just things that I appreciated this year)

Chuck (TV Show)
Zachary Levi,
I heart thee and even
watches thee with me.

MamaPop (Blog)
Oh where would I be
without my daily read of
droll pop oddities?

Mario Kart Wii
Baby Mario
riding in his stroller is
fun to run over.

Curious George
(TV Show)
Oh silly monkey,
You have saved hours for me
to write on my blog.

30 Rock (TV Show)
So late to the game
am I. Luckily TV
is on DVD!

DVR Recorder (Tech)
How did I manage
before, having to watch shows
live with commercials?

Ipod Touch (Tech)
So very much fun
will drain my bank account for
cool applications.

Twilight (Book)
I do not know why
but I am entranced with hot
vampires named Edward

That is all. What are some of your favorites? (You don't have to say them in haiku form, but if you want to, feel free!)


  1. yeah mamapop making in the list! And I'm your favorite contributor, right?

  2. hmmm, lots of the same of yours.....Edward (duh), DVR, Wii, my iPod, my Uggs, oh, and WINE.

  3. I heart EDWARD Cullen..hehe...and You my bloggy friend!!



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