December 29, 2008

Holiday Hangover

Last night I was playing with my Ipod touch excessively and reading my new Marion Keyes book having trouble sleeping. Then Jacob woke up at 5:30 am. I got up with him because I wanted to read more of my book am such a good Mom.

So today, on my first day back at work in a while, I am about to pass out having trouble concentrating. Not only that I somehow injured my back playing Wii fit yoga yesterday and am limping around like a humpback hunchback. Plus hurt my calf muscle running Island loop with Wii fit the day before. Stretching would have been a good idea, you say? Stretching is for wimps! Am master of exercising.<--- Wanted to write physicality there but looked up word using Dictionaire on Ipod and was not really what I meant. Master of words as well. Thank you Dictionaire. So my post today is short again, I am sorry. Maybe a picture of a fluffy bunny will help soften the blow.
Will be back with more tonight or tomorrow.
Update: someone chose the box "like it" at the bottom. I know Fluffy Bunny made their Box checking go from "meh" to "like it". Thanx Fluffy Bunny.


  1. Awww what a cute bunny..hehehehehehehehehehe..can't stop laughing....

  2. Love the fluffy bunny - I'm totally placated!

    Also - which Marian Keyes book? Does she have another new one out? I'm a huge fan of hers...

    Happy New Year!

    :^) Anna

  3. It sucks getting back into the routine of things! Exercise, already? Good for you! I think I will wait for, um, summer, yeah, I will go with that, summer!

  4. tOO funny! I love how your cross things out!! lol

  5. Which Marian Keyes book is it? I like her stuff. Fluffy bunnies ar eth eway to go. They're cute but eerie!

  6. This Charming Man. It's new, I think, or newish. Anyway it's new to me, (I've read all of the others).

  7. Love the fluffy bunny pic! Have you come up with a name for your new toy yet???

    BTW I tagged you......Here

  8. Fluffy bunny is too cute! Take it easy on that Wii. :)

  9. So today at work for some strange reason I thought....IBEEJAYphone....No?

    LOVE the bunny.

  10. Hello, fluffy bunny.

    I bet a bunny video would make that "like it" go to "love it."

  11. Oh my gosh!! I love the picture of the bunny!!



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