December 12, 2008

The Ba ba Blues

So I am having a little dilemma. I am having trouble giving up the bottle. The baby bottle. Jacob will be 14 months on the 19th, which is totally my cut off for giving my children bottles. I did not have a problem weaning Drew, my first born, off of bottles and onto sippy cups. He never fought me or even cared, and I slowly eliminated them rather easily.

Jakey is a different story. About a month ago I tried to cut out his bottles and I started with the nighttime one. (I know, what was I thinking?) I went through he normal bedtime routine sans bottle, and set him in his crib. I came back out and turned on the monitor. All was quiet for a minute or two and then I heard a shuffle and a chant began:

"ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba! BA BAAAA!!"

I'm not going to lie. I could say that I knew I was doing the right thing and let him cry for a couple of minutes, that I was strong. Nope. Have you seen this little face? ---------------------------->
That little boy has me trained. I was running to get him a bottle quicker than you can say "spoiled rotten".

So now we are giving up the "ba ba" and he is doing well (of course he has been at school the entire time he has been getting weaned). When I get to school, he looks at me and says "ba ba!" all indignant like (can toddlers be indignant? if so he totally was). I'm sure what he wanted to say was: um Mom, did you know that my teachers refuse to give me a bottle? Don't they know I am a little prince?

Now the last bottle we have to eliminate is the night time bottle. I guess here is where I admit I am attached to it just as much, if not more, than Jakey. With Drew, I was so ready for him to grow up, but Jakey? I am in no hurry. He might be my last child, so what if I don't want to give up that special cuddle time that you can only truly experience with a baby?

Does anybody else have things that they couldn't give up with their children (or pets) that they knew they should? My vice with the children is definitely cuddling... I am a big time sucker for it. What is your one vice?


  1. It must be hard to deny ANYTHING to a little guy in a fuzzy bear suit.

  2. I wish I had some advice. Michael took himself off the bottle at 12 months. Will he drink from a cup?

  3. Ok so I have a wonderful solution for you! Sippy cup! Does he like sippy cups? There are these awesome sippy cups called Nuby's and they are silicone lids with a plastic ring to hold them in place so its almost like a bottle but its not, so you could call it a big boy cup :) it's what I have used for Nate and i can still snuggle with him while he drinks from it :) I also don't want to give up the snuggle time so I am in complete understanding with you on that! :)

  4. And if your son is like my son and didn't get the whole sucking out of a sippy cup thing, try one without a stopper. It's messy but not too bad.

    I tried to hold on to the bottle but he still only took about 4 days to get rid of it (he was ready apparently). I think I'm going to have troubles weaning him off his thumb...eek

  5. It's hard to let them just cry...

    Oh, and hi, found you on NaBloPoMo. Actually on the collective site feed...



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