December 13, 2008

Weekly round up- and soapbox time.

Okay then... another Saturday morning while Shaun is at work.

Love that Shaun works in the automotive industry. On that note, I cannot believe that congress destroyed the hopes for a bailout, I'm hoping that this will still happen. Shaun has been told that his plant will close for the month of January. This means that he will be using all available comp time (just to give you an idea he has worked 65 hours last week and almost 70 this week) and probably working in a plant in Tenessee for a week. We are lucky he is a salaried employee and a supervisor, otherwise he would be laid off for this month. I will tell you what (soapbox time, watch out) people that make fun of or complain about the Big 3 automakers don't really understand what this is doing to people in Michigan. NO ONE I know that lives in Michigan is not affected by this in some way, shape or form, and the trickle down effect of their demise will be felt by ALL middle class Americans. Yes they made mistakes, and the CEOs of these companies made millions making mistakes. These are not the mistakes of the average working man, and they are the ones that are going to pay for these mistakes, not the CEOs. (Okay I am off the soapbox).

Okay now back to the round up:

Drew is obsessed with Pumpkin cereal bars. He thinks they exist. Does anybody know where to buy such a thing?

I picked out our Christmas card. For those keeping track it was a close race between B and D. Want to know? Check back on Christmas Day when I post the card! I will say this, the deciding vote was from Drew and Jacob's Nana.

Jacob is moving from Mobile Infants room to the Toddler room at Childcare. More about that later.

If you want to see some cute Jacob feet click here.


  1. mmm, pumpkin ceral bars...that DOES sound good....

  2. That sucks for your husband - I don't want the "fat cats" that make millions getting the "bailout" but do want the working class employees to get the "bailout", of that makes ANY SENSE!

  3. Hi Janna,

    I'm so sorry for your family and the failure of industry loans. We lived in Michigan from 2000-2005, in Ann Arbor. We worked for different places while we lived there and the state of places like Flint and downtown Detroit -- full of truly excellent people in the middle of a system that had just collapsed -- was incredibly tragic. We're both very concerned about what is happening there.

    I really hope that you are able to work through this as a family and that the New Year will bring better news for the industry's employees!

  4. Wow, I think you may have something with those pumpkin cereal bars. I have never heard of them, but I want one now too:)

  5. I think they'll come up with something for the industry. I know people are mad about all the bailouts but people not in Michigan just don't quite get how many people will be effected if they go under. Letting them go under isn't just tough love but really hurting tons of people.

    Thanks for stopping by, Practical Magic is an under appreciated movie :)



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