December 27, 2008

A Bathtub Conversation

Maybe it's the temperature change, but I am tired today. I think I'm going to go play with my Ipod touch. (Still trying to think of a name for it per The Rambler's suggestion. Any ideas on a cool name?) But I will leave you with this:

Mommy: It's time to get out of the bath.

Drew: But I'm hungry for more water.

Mommy: Okay, five more minutes. I love you, you know.

Drew: I know.


  1. This is so funny! I am hungry for more water!

  2. Don't you love it when they say stuff like that - you want to bottle it up!

    And that calendar in your previous post is adorable, but it so make me feel like a bad child care provider :)

  3. That's awesome! I love when kids say things like that, and when I remember it well enough to blog about it.

  4. too cute!!
    stopping over from SITS =)

    my phone is named PHOEBE...because i have my text alerts set to Phoebe from Friends saying "oh no!"...because every time i get a text, it's usually bad news from my extended family, who thrives on drama...

    but i love my Phoebe-phone! =)

  5. My husband's iPod is named iTodd. Can you guess what his name is?

  6. Hmmm.... is his name Herbert? I kid. That is hilarious!

    Phoebe the phone and I-todd... I am getting the sense that I need to come up with a witty name....



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