December 26, 2008

House of Vomitous part 2

Remember this? Well, Jacob was sick AGAIN for Christmas Day, vomiting once Christmas Eve night, and then once on Christmas day. (Some seriously disgusting and scary vomitage.) So again, I did not spend Christmas with my husband, and this time I stayed with Drew while Shaun stayed home with Jacob, who proceeded to act like he felt fine the rest of the day. He seems fine today. I am SO not looking forward to Easter, however, family holidays apparently make him sick.

Holy Christmas Mess Batman!
And it's not just one room. Yep, that's the trash can on the counter. We're keeping it classy in the Bee House.
Also, husband got me an Ipod touch. Considering having a wild passionate love affair with it.
Tied for my favorite gift is this. Each page has a different picture made out of a stamp of Jacob's hand and/or foot.... one of my favorite pictures is below.
I'm getting a toothache from the cuteness! Thank thank thank you Childcare!
Also, thank you for all of the Holiday wishes from all my bloggy pals and all of the wonderful presents we recieved from all family members!


  1. Aww... Merry Christmas Mess! Sorry to hear about the sickness. Holidays seem to bring that out in some people. ;-)

  2. that calendar is sooooo cute! and yeah for the touch.....have fun wading through the mess!

  3. OMG.....Sooooo sooooo cute the bzzz bzzz.

    I totally thing you should give your Itouch a name :) Me and my boyphone are so having the best affair!

    My house looks like yours. I just left a message at SITS wondering what house the clean up fairy was at :)

  4. Sorry to hear about Jacob being sick again :(
    That book is absolutely adorable. Do you have the rest of it uploaded anywhere? I would love to see the rest of it!

  5. merry xmas! And glad to see someone else's house looks like toys r us threw up on it as well.

  6. Why do little ones always seem to get sick on Holidays? Now, for some bad news my kids are grown and my house still looks like yours, all their clothes and new gifts everywhere, that is the one thing they do not outgrow!
    Hope your little one is better soon.

  7. Awwww thanks for the cyber-hug! And Merry Christmas to your mess..hehe..sorry to hear the little one is sick again, maybe you should start pretending there are no holidays and just surprise him with a party and maybe then he won't be ill? Did that make any sense? I think my brain is in Hawaii on vacation....

  8. To the Rambler: I will think of a good name for him. After all, if I am going to have a passionate love affair with him, he should have a name!

    To Mesa: We will try fooling him for Easter.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  9. Oh! I got the iTouch last Christmas. It is the best gift EVER. Hubs says he should just give up because he's never gonna top it, and he's probably right.
    And my 5 yr old had strep up until like Christmas Eve, so I know what you're talking about. It's not Christmas at our house if someone's not sick.

  10. sorry about the sickness. we're avoiding my family today because the've been passing it around. Cute calendar!

  11. That sounds like our Thanksgiving.Puke a rama!
    Those bee's are the cutest.

  12. Merry Christmess, indeed! I'm with you on the messes the kids create though!

    I'm with the Bush family-don't even mention that it is a holiday.



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