December 20, 2008

More Snu Snu

Look at that beautiful SUV. "Bessie" got my children and I home yesterday safely, through the snowstorm and about 12 inches of snow.
But little "Bessie" was just shy of actually getting us into the garage.

Tomato, tomahto, what matters is we made it home. And the boys liked being carried through the tundra into the garage.

It was a wee bit crazy yesterday. I was at work for about 4 1/2 hours, long enough for me to complain so much about being there that when my boss said we could leave I felt a little guilt for bitching about it. Not for long... seconds (literally) later I was off, telling the childcare to "hold the naps please" as I went to rescue my two little boys from this crazy weather.

As we were driving home from school, Drew asked, "are you driving on grass Mommy?"

"No, Drew that is the snow on the road, not grass."

"Oh you are driving on grass and snow," he replied.

"Um... sure." Sometimes it's just easier to accept his reality.


  1. Wow! I couldn't even imagine driving through that much snow!

  2. Yikes! I feel bad for 'whining' about serious weather swings, we go from less than 25 degrees to 50 in a day. But, it keeps the snow away!!

  3. wow, that's all I can think of..I would have called my hubs and said come get then again I'm a desert rat, never have ever lived in snow so I would fail before my vehicle would :) Glad you guys made it safe and sound :)

  4. uhhhhh, yucky!

    I would have been a wreck trying to drive in me being from Hawaii doesn't make for a fun time for would be drivers behind me.

    Good Job Mommy for getting everyone home in one piece!

  5. yeah, nothing kicks more ass then carrying your kids through snow to get in the house after you cant get into your garage. been there. done that. good times.

  6. Don't you just love the words that come out of them! They are soo cute! I had to drive thru 12 inches as's soooo not fun! I love my SUV too! (Thanks for the comment)

  7. Pictures like that remind me how much I love Florida! BTW my cars name is Bessie too!



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