January 27, 2009

1461: A Letter

Dear Drew,

It's been 208 weeks since you came into my life and turned me into a different, more responsible and capable person.
1461 days have gone by since I first saw your beautiful blue eyes and heard your little newborn wail, delighted in your smooth bald head and held ten perfect little baby toes for the first time.
35,064 hours have passed since I have had a decent night's sleep without worrying about you in the back of my mind, whether you are far or near.
2,103,840 minutes of your life have been lived so far, about 1,700,000(ish) have been some of the best moments of my life and the rest have taught me to have more patience and restraint.
126,230,400 seconds have clicked by and I have kept you alive safe, sound and whole, and generally happy. You have returned the favor by growing up to be a friendly, caring and intelligent little boy, whose observations make me laugh in amazement and wonder.

4 hours ago you let me envelope you in a big bear hug, tightly confining and knocking the wind out of you.
240 minutes have gone since you let me hold you for an excruciatingly long time, as I tried to freeze time for one perfect moment.
14,400 seconds prior to now I asked you to promise to always be my baby. You said okay. This is your promise to me.

An infinite number of seconds, minutes hours, days and weeks will pass and I will still love you. I might get frustrated, impatient and angry with you sometimes, but forever I will love you. This is my promise to you.

Happy 4th Birthday Drew. You complete our family.




  1. That was beautiful and touching.

    Happy birthday to Drew!!!!
    Lookout he will be what a call "Birthday High" all day. Enjoy :)

  2. so sweet Janna. Happy Birthday Drew!

  3. This was unbelievably wonderful! I loved it! (But so much math.....) I share so many of your sentiments about my own 4-year-old that I got a little teary! What a beautiful gift to him...of course, he won't appreciate for about 20 some years or so but still... gorgeous.

  4. I'm so happy to see that you pride yourself on keeping them alive too! That was always my saying at my 4 year old's one year birthday party - I kept him alive for a whole year! :) Happy Baby Boy Birthday.

  5. holy shit Im your top commenter!!
    But that is not why Im hear. Email me at thewinequeen@gmail.com so I can get your email (I cant emial from your blog on my laptop for some reason) and add you as a contributer on the book blog

  6. What a sweet, sweet post to your son.

  7. Happy Birthday Drew! Sorry I won't be at your superfun Spiderman birthday party, but if I know your mom, it will be fantastic! :-) Sweet post, mom.

  8. Oh, what a nice tribute to a son. Happy birthday, Drew. :)

  9. very sweet post

    happy birthday drew!

    myla and matthew will see you saturday.

    much luv

  10. Aww, thanks guys! He had a great birthday, the only glitch being when we were at the restaurant. The waitstaff came and sang to him, he almost cried! He recovered once he received his chocolate cake.

  11. what a BEAUTIFUL post!!
    he's lucky to have such a wonderful mommy =)

    thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog...

    your family is beautiful...and that makes for a beautiful blog!

  12. This is such a wonderful "keeper" for a scrapbook.

    Enjoy the time. It passes so quickly.

  13. Stopping by from BPOTW and fell in love instantly! Absolutely beautiful post...

  14. Great post, so loving. This is something he will cherish.
    visiting via BPOTW

  15. How sweet! I always love these posts. My youngest just turned two so I've been a little nostalgic this past weekend :)

    Thanks for sharing your post with BPOTW!

  16. What a nice letter!!! I love the family picture, too!



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