January 6, 2009

Hooray for the "Bullet", Crazy fonts, Moms, Mr. Moms.... and of course, the dot dot dots...

So it has been a crazy couple of days at the Bee house.

In Janana Bee news: I went back to work. This is the busiest time of year for me, and I was miserably busy last year, as I am sure I will be this year. I had a meeting today that I've been dreading, but it went okay.... this is what it sounded like:

"Yeah, sure."

"Oh, no problem."

"I can do that."

"Oh I like checklists! I can put it in a crazy font!"

This is what my inner monologue was saying:

Ugh, this sucks.

When I am going to have time for that?

I don't want to do THAT!

Whee... crazy font! YESSS!!

Guess which one I finished today?

In Mr. Bee news... my very own Mr. Bee has become Mr. Mom. Doing laundry (of course he didn't finish but A for effort) going grocery shopping, making Doctor appointments for the kids, even making dinner (yes I had to explain boiling water AGAIN) and cleaning up after dinner while I worked out. YAY for Mr. Bee! I feel like this wife.

It IS TRUE. He has also taken an extreme liking to my pink Nintendo DS and he spends a lot of time playing my new game, Animal Crossing. I have barely gotten a chance to play it, but Mr. Bee, he is an expert. Yesterday, we were discussing how it was already January 5th, and he said, "Oh, somethings going on today... what is it?" He looked perplexed and then said "Oh it's Roald's birthday." Yeah, Roald is not his friend... he is a character on Animal Crossing! I think it might be time for Mr. Bee to go back to work.

In Little Bee news....

My Mother, who reads this blog... took pity on me and took Drew for the night! YESSSS! So relaxing not to have to beg and plead him to go to bed tonight, and I managed to get the 30 day Shred in before 9pm. Score! By the way, day 6 of 30 day shred, and darn it if my pants are a little bit looser in the butt. Every bit counts right? Even if I do think Jillian Michaels may be trying to kill me. Also on the note of my Mom and Sister reading my blog... um, no one calls me anymore. Mom, Amber, are you worried we have nothing to say to each other since I spill my guts on the internetz every day?

Jacob started in the Toddler Room yesterday. Little baby is all growed up. So proud! Although as he grows, so does his strange, thin wispy hair. What do you do with this hair? Do you cut it or let it grow out? I am in love with it and the weirder it looks the more enjoyable it gets. I can't stop myself.... as you may notice. It's impossible not to play with. I like to style it, try and braid it, fluff it, it's 101 kinds of fun. I don't think I will cut it for a long time. In fact, if I keep growing it out we can make it a rattail. Rattails are coming back right? My boy will be so fashion forward, it's insane!

Ladies and Gentlemen.... behold the "Bullet" (Baby + Mullet) business in the front, party in the back, cute all around.

Yeah, I know there is something wrong with me. But now, secretly are you wishing your baby had the "Bullet"? Or does you child have a "Bullet" too?

Yeah, we won't mention the fact that I fell off the Nablopomo wagon already.Oops!


  1. Heheheh... Love the hair! (Good luck with the going back to work -- I feel for you.)

  2. What is Shred? Your baby is so cute :)

  3. LOVE the bullet :) I almost cut my weird hair on the kid the other day and couldn't do it!

    Nablopomo is farking hard (hear my whine?)....I think December and January must be the hardest months to do...if your a mommy AND you work! Don't worry you'll do it!

  4. ok, I love you and only have not called you because I too am incredibly busy, and with Nate's bad attitude and Marisa's illness.....And mom, did not say she had Drew when I called her and pleaded with her to take Marisa for the afternoon so I didn't have to have a sick day. Wow, now I feel bad :-(

  5. Oh god, Janna, no rattails for your children, ever, please.
    Also, Jacob looks more and more like you every day;-)

  6. OMG Janna, I should know better than to read your blog while I am at work. You made me laugh, out loud, loudly. Gotta love the "Bullet"!!!

  7. Cute post! Love the hubby and OMG...my niece had a perfect Bullet!!! Too funny. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'm looking forward to tooling around your blog some more. :)

  8. This is just too funny! He is adorable!



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