December 9, 2008

Please help

Here is my plea. My husband does not know how to cook. If I said this to him, he would ask my to correct myself, my husband does not know how to cook dinner. He is the champion of breakfast foods. No one cooks pancakes like him. They are the best, and he even has taught Drew how to make them. I love my husband. Now that we have gotten that out of the way....

A couple of weeks ago I made cheesy crockpot chicken. Nothing too exciting but it was going to be a home cooked meal, and I was at work for 10 hours that day, expected to arrive home at about 6:30pm from picking up the kids so yay me. My husband, who gets home most nights around 4pm, asked if he should pick up the kids. I told him to finish the meal up instead, which involved boiling noodles and putting broccoli in with the chicken. Simple, right?

As I arrive at the Child care, I get a call on my cell. It's Shaun. "How much water should I add to the pot to cook the noodles?" I told him, and hung up the phone, incredulous that he just asked me a question about boiling noodles. He's going to be 35 this year and he doesn't know how to boil noodles?

When I arrived home, I immediately noticed he didn't make noodles, but angel hair pasta. When I asked him, he said he thought that's what I meant (even though there was clearly a huge bag of noodles sitting right next to the pasta). Because noodles and pasta are the same thing, clearly...

Then I smelled something burning. "What's that?" I asked.

"Well, I thought it looked like too much broccoli to put in the chicken, so i cooked some for the side."

"Well, how long did you cook the broccoli?" I asked, pulling the bowl out of the microwave.

"For 10 minutes."

Have you ever smelled burnt broccoli? Better yet, have you ever smelled it and tried to eat dinner at the same time? This broccoli was charred.

So to put it mildly, we need help. I don't get home until 6:30 every night, so he needs to make dinner, yet if I eat pancakes for dinner one more time, I might puke or die of scurvy. Does anyone have any good, easy recipes?


  1. Well I love cooking but the things that I might think are easy are not actually easy to someone who cooks broccoli in the micro for 10 minutes. There is this sweet blog I started following a little too late in the game but might be helpful for you:

    Also, Target has some nice, delicious boxed meals, with easy-to-follow instructions, you know, those Archer Farms things.

  2. Yes, I was going to mention the boxed meals too, they are great for busy nights and hubbys! There are a bunch of different kinds, frozen meals, boxed meals. And really the price works out good too, because if you added all the ingredents up seperatly, it would be more. :) Guess its the wrong time of year now, but does he grill? Sometimes thats the best way to go with hubbys lol. Oh and my hubby's specialty is pancakes too! How funny is that! Good luck! :)

  3. Well since you have a crock pot, chili is always a win. He sounds a lot like my gf when it comes to cooking. They would surely starve hehe

  4. Janna - email me and I will send you a couple of easy meals that are one pot (either crock pot or oven) meals that he won't have to add anything to.

  5. Hey thanks for all the great tips and suggestions!

    Kristy, I am totally going to be reading through the crock pot blog... I can't wait to go through it.

    Sarah Murray, thanks for the boxed meal suggestions. We are big fans of the boxed meal. He is also a griller (but no hamburgers, he burns those) but it's a little too cold in MI to grill.

    Shelby, we are big fans of the chili at our house, so much so that I am chilied out! But thanks for the tip, I am not sure what Shaun ate before I met him, but I'm thinking it was all burger king.

    Julia, I sent you my email address, it is on your comments for your post today, since I didn't have your email.

  6. He sounds like my hubby, who does things wrong on purpose to get out of doing them again. Try a crockpot, oh I see someone said that already. Or ummmm, treat him like a child and ground him when he screws up a simple meal LOL

  7. Sorry - No good recipes to share here. Though I do have the same problem with my hubby. When he does cook, he is only allowed to cook on the grill (which he is great at) or hamburger helper. Another easy one is Kielbasa. My 13 year old son cooks it :D

  8. For me the best is to double or triple recipes that we like and freeze them in portions. That way he only has to defrost and reheat.



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