January 11, 2009

To be Young (Updated)

If you want to know absolute Joy and Happiness, take a 15 month old to the Mall before it opens and let him loose.

I miss feeling this way about something. I am glad I can relive this happiness through my children. Their joy is my joy and their smiles brighten my smile, making it brighter and bigger with each giggle.
There were lots of giggles today.

Thank you for the giggles, Jacob and Drew.

Thank you for today.

PS- Not too late to vote for me (and other great bloggers) in the Bloggies. (Best Kept Secret Category). If you need ideas for the other two spots, email me and I will give you some!
*Update* PPS- Not that I think you can't think of some, I was just being helpful.
PPPS- Drew has taken to talking about himself in the third person. So Drew would say "Drew wants you to vote for his Mommy in the bloggies." If, you know, Drew knew about what a blog was and stuff.
PPPPS- Okay, I'm done now.


  1. How cute are they!!! What a great day! I voted for ya!! :)

  2. super cute. And that is an excellent way to entertain monkeys

  3. I couldn't have said it better. I love seeing the joy my kids have over the simplest, sweetest things.

    How'd you get into the mall early? You got a hookup?

  4. Your kids are so cute as always! (I didn't know you could get into the mall before it opened; that sounds strangely pleasant.)

  5. Kristy is so behind on reading Janna's blog posts.
    Kristy also likes to talk in 3rd person.



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