February 17, 2009

The Drama King

Drew: The official Drama King.

Don't let the smile here fool you. Drew is often happy, really he is, but cross him once and you are getting a visit from The Drama King. Even at a young age, The Drama King would find ways to appear, even sometimes out of nowhere, and always after a lack of a nap or too much sugar.

The Drama King often does not appreciate the Mommaratzi. The Drama King also refers to himself in the third person, in true royal style. The Drama King has a strict diet of candy and cheese only!

The Drama King came out in full force yesterday, specifically, when Drew was denied a cheese stick 15 minutes before dinner, The Drama King came out and cried for 15 minutes straight.
Drew bit his lip earlier in the day and therefore The Drama King came out and proceeded to walk around the house with his lips pursed, talking funny with his lip jutted out. And that was just the beginning. Drew cried and carried on all afternoon yesterday... thus officially earning his crown of The Drama King.

Sometimes Mrs. Bee has to play along with The Drama King and humor him, even join him. (In fact, Mr. Bee might attest that the Duchess of Drama, Janana, does indeed come out from time to time.) Mrs. Bee will do anything to go from this face....
...to this one. The Drama king might makes the Bees work for it, but when they do get his happiness back, it is worth all the drama it took to get him back to Drew.

PS This time Mr. and Mrs. Bee did not cater to The Drama King's wishes as The Drama King was sent to his royal chambers yesterday at 7:00 pm to SLEEP IT OFF. The royal subjects Mr. and Mrs. Bee are hoping to see the return of Drew today, and the relinquishing of the crown, at least for a week or so....

PS- My 200th post is on Friday... make sure to come back!


  1. I hope you have a peaceful, drama-free day Janna!

  2. I can so relate to this! My 4-year-old has quite the dramatic tendencies and was really manipulating me. It took a visit from Grandma and some stern loving to make me realize it is quite the act and if he realizes it is not going to work, he drops the act as fast a hot potato. And it doesn't work on Daddy either ... I'm the only sucker!

    So cute! Hope the Drama King has give up his throne and let Drew out to play today!

  3. How funny! And he is such a precious little Royal Highness!

  4. Drama sure comes in cute packages!

  5. I don't have a Drama King, though I may have his evil twin Devil Child.



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