February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday- Law and Order Edition

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

7:45 AM SUNDAY.....NOT too Early
The scene of the Crime:
Drew's "garage"

Drew is so NOT proud of his creation. He did NOT spend an enormous amount of time making the perfect garage for McQueen and his pals.

Here comes Mr. Calamity, he is so NOT 22 pounds of trouble!

Mr. Calamity is so NOT plotting a stunt right here.

Mr. Calamity would NOT destruct his brother's prized building. He is my baby and totally NOT mischievous at all.

Drew so did NOT yell "JACOB!" at the top of his lungs at this moment.

Drew also did NOT snatch the Lego out of Mr. Calamity's hand, only to have him take another piece of the building....

....so he could NOT bang it on the chair. It was NOT ear deafeningly loud, no, NOT at all!

(Also those are so NOT dirty socks on the floor. My children would NEVER constantly take off their dirty socks around the house, because that would make their mother crazy. Mr. Bee is NOT considered one of the children when I mention this, because he NEVER forgets to pick up his own dirty clothes.)

Verdict: Mr. Calamity did NOT go to time out for doing this 3x in a row.

~I did NOT decide to record this moment with the camera the third time it happened because I so did NOT think it was funny.

~I was NOT laughing because that would send the wrong message to Calamity and he would NOT continue to do this over and over again.
~Mr. Bee did NOT sleep through this entire event because he is NOT the world's heaviest sleeper!

PS- My 200th post is so NOT near. Please do NOT come back again for a fun 200th post celebration (and giveaway of some sort)!

PSS- I have NOT been a bad bloggy friend by forgetting to thank Ms. Kalei of Bloggedy Blog Blog for giving me the Honest Scrap Award, and also for randomly picking me to win a prize in her blanket donation giveaway! Go check out her blog, she is awesome. You can see the answers to the Honest Scrap Award here. Also, I'm awarding the award to all my fellow bloggers who read this because putting yourself out there on you blog is NOT easy. (And I mean that!)


  1. That was a very clever "Not Me Monday" post!

    And I love your little boy's big blue eyes...so hypnotizing...my heart is melting!

  2. Happy Monday! Love what you did NOT do this past week!

  3. I love that you did a photo record of the event! Great job!

  4. I did NOT do a lot of the same things this weekend. :)

  5. Too funny! I always enjoy these posts. And 7:45 AM Sunday to get up ... pullleeeaaasee -- how about friggin 5:45 -- I'll trade yours for mine if you want! My boy does not sleep in on weekends ever.

    And now I'm glad I only have 1 kid ... I can just imagine the skirmish and screaming that must have resulted from this little episode!

    And 200th post on the horizon ... WOWEE! Can't wait to see what you have in store.

  6. hehehe! Thanks for sharing.

    Not Me Monday's are SO fun.

  7. Talk about a rough day!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway :-)
    I've got you down for 3 entries. Odds are in your favor thus far!!!! Prepare to be invaded by orange fingerprints :D

  8. YEAA! I can leave comments now. Comment comment comment.

  9. I love how you call him Mr. Calamity! LOL

  10. This is by far one of the best NMM post that I have ever come across, Janna Bee. Seriously. Narrating to a series of photos is truly brilliant. I used to try to make my NM's original and entertaining, but never thought to approach it like this. Well done, my friend.

    I am excited that your 200th post is quickly approaching. Congrats! Truly a milestone.


  11. I love that you have a label called "Bad Mom Practices." Too funny.

  12. It's so hard to NOT laugh when you are trying to discipline your kids and you can't stop laughing at their antics. I never do this.

  13. great format...I am waiting for the day that my little man starts doing this to his big sister.

    And socks on the floor......no one has those! :)

  14. Mr. Calamity seems prepared for a career in senior management.

  15. Freaking hilarious!!!! Good stuff for a not me monday!! :) Congrats on your win!! And 200th...wow!! Can't wait!

  16. Cute Law & Order post! They are too cute!

  17. Cute idea! Siblings, what can you do? At least you caught the moments for posterity :)

    Thanks for sharing with BPOTW!

  18. Too funny!
    I have an 8 year old "not me"

  19. I love it. Looks like there is NO trouble with boys around. I especially liked the dirty socks. fun times for mom!

  20. Dropped by from BPOTW. Your boys are adorable! Thanks for the smiles.



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