February 13, 2009

Friday Favorites #2 *Updated*

**Update: Please Tune in tomorrow for a special Guest Poster for Valentine's day. Yup, it's Mr. Bee! (I know how to work the system.)**

I'm sorry if my list seems a little sparse, it has been a tough week (sickness, power outages, work stress) but these things kept me going this week:

Sharky the fish. He is quite the laid back grandfish, even staying cool and collected when our power was out for 8 hours Wednesday night. (And I do mean cool. The temperature in the house was 59 degrees Fahrenheit when the power came back on. Scary.)

These Bibs,
Handcrafted by my Cousin-in-Law, Jodi. They are big, roomy around the neck and soft and wash up so nice. Both bibs are reversible with a fluffy side and soft side with print on the other side. Jacob actually keeps this on! She only sells them to local stores, but shouldn't she sell them on Etsy?

Flameless Candles. When our power was out we left these going in the bathroom in case Drew woke up and was scared or needed to potty. Not as obnoxious as a flashlight, but safer than a candle. I'm going to pick more up soon.

These Posts
(okay I just can't pick one ever):
Momo, The Red Sox, My Dad and God By Lisa @ Left Coast Cowboys
Who's The Dummy Mummy By Catherine @ Her Bad Mother

This sweater at Old Navy. Don't know why, but I got it for $10, not 20$ and I LOVE it!

Munchkin Bottle Brush Now that I don't have any bottles to clean I use it for washing dishes. It stores up right, dishwasher safe and not harmful for the dishes. It rawks.

Philedelphia Whipped Cream Cheese. So much better than regular- Yum!

What are your favorites from this week?


  1. hmm....this week I loved the 100 Calorie Bites....especially the cheetoh ones!

    My Ipod, it was awesome at the gym...I didn't have to listen to my own breathing! LOL

    hmm...and the warm weather here...for two days it was 50 degrees!

  2. I totally loved the costco mfg rebate and additional coupon on the skinny cow ice cream sandwiches....yum, for cheeeeep!
    Also love the Old Navy, they are the bestest ever!
    Love that I was done at work at 9am and don't have to go back till monday!
    I hope I will love the auto guy inspecting my car...I don't want to pay for another thing for that car!
    Love Janana Bees Blog, it is one of my favorites any day of the week! =)

  3. Love Ben and Jerry's ice-cream!
    Love that I ate all the kids V-day candy and had to ask my hubby to by more!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  4. My Friday fave: Blue Bunny chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Best I've ever had!

  5. Thanks for featuring my Red Sox piece. And I can't wait to read another guest post by the fabled Mr. Bee!

  6. I'm so glad your power is back on!!! Those candles sound very interesting. Where did you get them?

    Happy Valentine's Day...early!

  7. Sorry to hear about the bad week ... glad the power is back on and Sharky is being a good grandfish!

    Yes ... she should sell those bibs on Etsy.

    I've got to get me some of those flameless candles. I always forget to blow the real ones out ... and that is bad.

    Can't wait to see Mr. Bee's post!

  8. I am so proud I am blog -thanks for the love on my bibs. I checked out Etsy and was feeling intimated; maybe I will try again.



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