February 12, 2009

File Under: Conversations that make me feel like a Dork

I was twittering away one lonely Saturday night (Mr. Bee was on the potty playing Animal Crossing on my pink DS) when I got a direct message tweet from my friend S. Quick Background- S is a friend from High School and College, and he's kind of a techno nerd, and works for a company that hosts blogs. I haven't seen him in about 5 years, but we still talk often on Twitter and Facebook (FB) because, well you know, we are both Internet dorks. So this is how the conversation started, with Direct Messages on Twitter. You know it's only going to get worse from there.

S: You know you should prob. look into getting a hosted blog and throwing up some ads. And you know I do hosting .

Me: What does that even mean? How much does that cost?

S: {sees that I'm on Facebook and switches over to Facebook chat- yes I am on FB and Twitter at same time- shut up! S explains hosting and such, I still don't get it and don't have the transcript so I won't bore you} I figure if you put up some ads you could make some money. You get a lot of traffic right?

Me: No. I guess it depends on how many are "a lot". How many clicks do you get on your blog?

S: Daily? Some days are better than others, but usually about 400-800.

Me: {Jaw drops to ground.} My numbers are much lower. {Silently think: divide by 100}

S: Oh, I just thought since you post and tweet so much that you had a lot of traffic on your blog.

Me: Um, no, not really. {I'm totally embarrassed now- didn't think anyone really NOTICED my addiction} It's a labor of love really, and Mommy blogs, well there's a lot of them with much better writers, so it's hard to stand out.

S: Well, think about it. Who knows you could become a millionaire blogger and I can say I knew you when, and helped you get started.

Me: Yeah, um, don't think that would happen but it would be nice, wouldn't it? {I'm a dork, I'm a loser}

S: Haha, well I have to back to watching old movies {Slowly backs away from conversation with loserish friend}


My Dad tells people all the time that I have this blog and I'm such a great writer and it is really embarrassing. There are so many better writers out there, and my blog is a pithy little thing that I take very seriously, and my wonderful parents think it's so great. They have no idea all the greatness that is out there!

It reminds me of every time Mr. Bee makes a statement about how popular I was in High School, when I really was not, not at all, just a total wallflower, and he says, "Oh, all the popular girls say that." No, not lying, was not popular in High School and am NOT a millionaire blogger. (Oh, I wish right?)

So, on that note...

1. Does anyone else get 800+ clicks a day?

2. Does anyone else have family members/friends that think their blog is a much bigger deal than it is? What do your family members think of your blog? Do they know that you have one?

3. And finally... were any of you the popular kids in High School?

If the answer is yes to number 3: Really? Because I hate you now. Just kidding. Kinda.


  1. 1. Does anyone else get 800+ clicks a day? Nope sure don't. But, I can login and look at your blog from work and home, that will give you an extra click from me.

    2. Does anyone else have family members/friends that think their blog is a much bigger deal than it is? Nope - My loser family doesn't even read my blog (except my Mom)

    3. And finally... were any of you the popular kids in High School? Total dork here :)

  2. You need to read my post on enjoying my forties. It totally explains why I blog. I very rarely check my clicks, there is a reason for that, the clicks on mine are pathetic, why bother checking.
    My family, only my husband and two children know about the blog, they think I am having a mid life crisis and truly hope it fades. I do not get high praise at home. Though, they read it all the time.
    Lastly, popular in High School, gosh that was soooo long ago, I will look back through rose colored glasses and say 'yes', that's they way I want to see it. (lol)

    Anyways, you go girl. I totally enjoy your blog and if you want to go to the next level, hey, go for it. You have to take that leap and you never know where it will lead!!!
    Just, don't forget us little ones when you make it big.

  3. I dunno. There is something to be said for modest successes and doing something for the satisfaction of it. Why is it that success even needs to be defined by how big it is, how many "millions" you make? C'mon, now. There are better measures of success. Like enjoying what you are doing and finding other people who enjoy what you are doing too! :)

    Don't mean to be a grouch, but why allow yourself to feel "loserish" by somebody else's overblown standards? ;)

    Oh, and to answer your Qs:
    1. Bwahaha! No.
    2. If anything, my non-family members and RL friends think my blog (or even that I write it) is even less interesting than my average reader. I deliberately write as if all my RL friends are reading (no trash talking ;)), but as far as I can tell, few actually do.
    3. Bwahaha! No again. :) Another one of those false standards, IMHO. To quote Chris Smither: "You know, I never was good looking, but now I'm too old to let that get me down."

  4. Very funny post, Janna. :-D

    1. HAHAHAHA! No. Seriously, I suspect it's pretty rare for "lifestyle" or "mommy bloggers" to get that much readership. I think that kind of attention is more likely to go to the more technical, gossipy, or interest-driven blogs. And I really don't care, since I'm blogging primarily for myself. (Although, I can't deny that I totally love having readers. I just don't need 800+. How would I ever keep up with the comments?!)

    2. My blog is anonymous and secret so no one I know in "real life" is aware of its existence. Except Alex, who seems quite amused by my excitement over the minor attentions my blog gets. But truly, I have no delusions of grandeur.

    3. I didn't even go to high school, so as a teenager, I was about as far from the "popular crowd" as you can get.

  5. 1. I did once.
    2. The only response I get from my family when I bring up my blog is "Oh thats nice."
    3. Nope.

  6. Ok...Love this post! And I used to dream of having a millionaire blog, now I'm just kinda whatever about it, I write cause I like it and some people find it enjoyable so I guess that's good enough for me! Now to answer your Q's...

    1. I have never gotten that many in one day, I get excited if I see that I have been looked at more than twice in one day..lol

    2. All my friends and family know about my blog and I get a little praise from friends and my cousin and that's about it...lol..

    3. I'm a little afraid to answer this..I don't know if you would say I was a "popular in-crowd" girl, I was more the choir/hippy girl that was friends with everyone, didn't matter who you were to me, if you were nice than chances are we were "friends" :). I will brag for a min and say that I was voted Prom Queen my Senior year (Before you disown me..let me finish)....I was only voted Prom Queen because my bff at the time made all her "thuggish" friends run around threatening people that they better vote for me or else..and I didn't go to the prom so it doesn't really count..yea, shows how popular I really was, I couldn't get a date..LMAO!

  7. 1. Does anyone else get 800+ clicks a day? I have no idea, but I am sure that means no. I hope that 800+ people have something better to do :)

    2. Does anyone else have family members/friends that think their blog is a much bigger deal than it is? At first, when friends discovered the blog, I hated that I was writing for a familliar audience. I have an ex-boyfriend who use to check my blog so often that I threatened to delete it. I think that is more cyber-stalking than thinking I am a big deal though!

    3. And finally... were any of you the popular kids in High School? Total dork here :) Journalism and Debate and Academic Team, oh my!

  8. 800 clicks a day. Uhhh...neh

    My hubby only thinks my blog is cool when I get offered freebies. I blog anonymously so not everyone knows about it...my mom thinks it's cool because she knows how much I enjoy it...

    Yeah, um I didn't really dig high school. I knew people from every crowd...but pretty much hung with the alternative kids (that's what we called the punk rockers,new wavers etc)

  9. Hi Janana and welcome to MBC! You have a fabulous blog.

  10. 1. Does anyone else get 800+ clicks a day? NO! I was over the moon excited the one time I got like 80 clicks!

    2. Does anyone else have family members/friends that think their blog is a much bigger deal than it is? No - my family doesn't no I have a blog (well, my husband knows but doesn't care)

    3. And finally... were any of you the popular kids in High School? I was not popular but thought I was a much bigger loser than I really was.

  11. I don't get 800+ clicks a day. Only my sister knows about my blog, and has actually visited it. As for high school...total, complete, major loser-geek.

  12. 1. Does anyone else get 800+ clicks a day?

    No! I get between 100 and 200, but I also have a full feed so I'm not too sure how many people are actually reading.

    2. Does anyone else have family members/friends that think their blog is a much bigger deal than it is? What do your family members think of your blog? Do they know that you have one?

    Most people like my blog, but my dad thinks it's inappropriate so he SAYS he doesn't read, but I have a site meter and I know he sneaks on from time to time. My mom stalks me and loves the inappropriateness.

    3. And finally... were any of you the popular kids in High School?
    I had a ton of friends, but I didn't sit at the special popular kids table. So looking back, I was popular, but I wasn't Popular.

  13. 800 clicks a day? Oh sure! IN MY DREAMS.

    I went to a conference this weekend and learned that 100 visitors is considered GREAT. 200 is pretty remarkable. Just to put it all in perspective...bc I thought some of the blogs I was going to were getting thousands a day!

  14. 1. Uhhhh...no. No 800 clicks a day. What the hell kind of blog does your friend have? I agree with you though ... it is hard to "stand out" when you are a personal blogger as there are so many good ones ... and so many. If I was some kind of amazing expert in something and could write about something with authority (other than my own life) then maybe it would be different. I'm just glad anybody is reading it. I'm still amazed actually.

    2. As far as family members, my husband actually does read it and then torture me (as documented in my post today) but I know he is actually impressed that people I don't even know read my blog. As for my parents, well, I've sent them a link about 100 times and bring it up whenever I talk to them but I don't know if they have ever visited once. I don't think they even understand what a blog is. I wish they would read it ... but then it does free me up to talk about them. My brother finally checked it out the other day and said "impressive" but that was the extent of his feedback. And I know some friends read it but they never comment so it is hard to tell. basically, I am "alone" out here in bloggy world except for my new bloggy friends -- like you!

    3. And yes... I was the homecoming queen and the most popular girl in school. I had dates every night and was the talk of the school. And I am a pathological liar. NOOOOOOOO! I was a nerd in high school. I'm one of the girls who wishes all the popular girls grew fat and ugly and had unhappy marriages. Well, not really ....

    And why are all your ads for beekeeping and honey? Did I miss something?? OOOOOOOhhhh! because of your NAME! I get it! that is soooo funny! All of your ads are for beekeeping and honey! Google AdSense just cracks me up!



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