March 13, 2009

Friday Favorites #5

It's Friday Favorites! Oh yes it's time to pay homage to all the things that got us through the week, and give credit where credit is due! Here are my Friday Favorites this week....

McDonalds: I know, weird right? Like they need any more product placement. Well they have the best deal (at least at my McDonalds) A snack wrap and a bowl of Campells Soup for $1.99. Yeah you heard me. It's just the right amount of food and the right price. Dude, if I won Carma Sez's Giveway, that would be OVER 7 lunches! Outstanding! (Do you like "outstanding"? Is it the new "awesome"? Only time shall tell!)

This phrase: "Mommy, I am going to cuddle with you now." Uttered by Drew about 5x this week. I guess I had no say. It' a good thing I LOVE cuddling with him.

The Lunch Studio, Flint, MI Some co-workers and I were at a meeting in Flint and had to stop and eat lunch somewhere. There are not a lot of places to eat, and after about 15 minutes of driving we happened upon the Lunch Studio. Awesome, electic place. The old brick walls combined with very interesting art and the most eclectic chairs and tables made for a really cool vibe. The food was cheap and pretty good too. It was definitely a find.

My Fabulous Friends. I got a chance to go out to dinner with my friends this week for my friend Sarah's 30th birthday. We had such a good time (as always). I even got the pleasure of the nicest tweet ever from Sarah later that night, which I loved even if it was alcohol induced. It's saved under favorites in my twitter profile. Oh yeah did I also mention that one of my friends, M is moving into my neck of town? And she is moving into her parent's house, their house that is huge and fun and has a pool? Can you say I am almost more excited than she is?

I made them wear matching red dresses and they STILL talk to me. They must be pretty amazing.

My Mom and Dad. They watched my kiddos so Mr. Bee and I could go out for my friend's birthday even though they had gotten home from Las Vegas at 3am the night before, AND they agreed to watch the kids while Mr. Bee and I go to Lollapalooza! Hopefully Mr. Bee gets some comp time by then!

Seriously... they are ridiculously cute. This I know.

Dear Internet, I am placing you on Notice by The Redneck Mommy

All my Readers. You make my day a little brighter with each comment. It's cheesy and true. You are -wait for it- AWE.SOME.

Now your turn.... what are your Friday Favorites? Play along and link to Mr. Linky! Please link back to my website if you decide to do it, and please visit other Friday Favorites! I can't wait to read all of your posts! Oh yeah- and what do you think about my button? Is it better than last week's button?


  1. 8:01 and I'm up!! Over 7 lunches at McD's. Did not realize this. Maybe I need to change my pitch to "win Seven Lunches at McDonald's" Sounds impressive or even "outstanding." Thanks for the shout out :-)

    Plugged your giveaway on my blog today, too!

  2. Oh, I am so jealous your parents are so close and so willing to babysit!!! A blessing!!

    And I do give in to the McD's urge a few times a year, just can't help it. (:

  3. I love McDonald's but I eat the French Fries and dip them in a chocolate Milkshake, not sure how many I can get with 15 bucks but plenty to ruin my figure!

    Celebrating 30! O.K. make me sick.

    And took me forever to do my post this morning because working on adding pictures to my blog!
    Your post yesterday inspired me!

  4. McDonald's should be on my list every week. I love that garbage they call food!

    Be back later to check out the rest of the FF's

  5. My Friday favorites? Waiting by the mailbox for promises :-)

    Thanks for sharing J and have a great Michigan weekend!

  6. McDonald's is one thing I love, but rarely get. I haven't eaten at a McDonalds in probably a year or more.

    It's outstanding that your folks can help you out with the kids! I don't trust my parents with my kiddos, but they are a unique case!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I should say that I'd love to eat at McDonald's. I'd eat there weekly if I could! But alas, there are no Mickey D's here in Podunk! :-(

  8. Such a great, great post, Janna. Totally put me in the right frame of mind for a Friday. Thanks for this!

    Adored seeing pictues of your parents and your friends. So much love in your life. :)


  9. Aww so great! and You are AWE.SOME! (said in that really high sing song voice!) :) I will play along this week :) and This Button much better than last weeks! :)


  10. very, very nice!!! I'm still learning, so forgive me if I don't follow directions very well, lol! glad you had a good week!

  11. Your parents are ridiculously cute, I agree. And dinner with friends is something I am trying to arrange as I sit here and type....hopefully this weekend or next. It's TIME!

  12. I started writing a post of some of the things that have cheered me up since yesterday, then realized I was basically making a Friday Favorites list. So I linked to you. :-) Happy Friday!

  13. That is a true test of friendship: forcing your gals to wear red bridesmaid dresses. Here in San Francisco, there is a strange tradition called "trash the dress" where brides go to the beach or other places and have their photographer snap pix of them trashing their dress (by bounding through the surf, having dogs step on it, etc.) I could never figure out why there was no "trash the bridesmaid dress" event. I'd personally build a bonfire to burn all the ones I've collected.

  14. Did I just read that correctly??? Mcdonalds has SOUP??? Not in Florida...!

  15. Your parents are so cute, you're right! When did McDonald's get soup? What the heck!!

  16. i think i lost mr. linky?? haha.

    and boy, i haven't had mcdonald's in a looooong time. probably not something i should consider with the whole "watching my carbs" thing. although i've been doing more of the "watching myself eat carbs" thing. hmph!

  17. ne'er mind. i found him!

  18. Hi, I wanted to thank you for entering my Spring Fling Contest last week. I am stopping by all the people who commented that day!! I am having another contest this week and it started TODAY and it involves another Blog makeover!! I hope you can check it out and maybe this time you will be the winner!!


  19. Definitely a good week. Campbell's soup at McDonalds? Who knew?? I am so weak, when I go to McDonalds, I can't help but get a fat, greasy burger and fries!

    Sounds like great parents you've got! That is nice that they are close enough to be babysitters.

  20. if there wasn't a mcdonalds, my kid wouldn't survive:)

  21. My mom was my babysitter until she decided to move a town away. You are so lucky to get away knowing your kids are in good hands.

    My teenager watches the little ones if I need to get away, however; sibs can be kinda mean in a way.

    Anyway, I've joined the Friday Favorites. Thanks Janana Bee

  22. I love your Friday Favorites. I know it helps to look back over the past week and see what you are thankful for.

    I have chosen your blog for a Lemonade Award for showing gratitude. I know that you already have received this award from a couple of other people, but I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog.

  23. Finally, another mom who admits her love of McDonalds!

    I mean where else can I feed my kiddos and myself for $10 or less, and it's not bad with milk, apples - geesh.

    For me it's 'Outstanding!'



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