March 12, 2009

Welcome and TMI

Okay, I guess I must address my 50 (!) new followers. Welcome to my blog. Warning: I am kind of weird, I swear a little (I will try to stay away from the F bomb, I swear), I use CAPS and bold and italic and large sized fonts way too often to spice up text and I will put ridiculous amounts of pictures of my children up in order to keep you coming back.

Drew as baby. He will lure you back with his hypnotic blue eyes!

Also more random facts you should know you probably don't need to know but I am telling you anyway:

I am very liberal. That being said, I will always listen to opposing arguments. I don't talk about politics often on my blog because my knowledge is limited and I don't want a verbal beat down.

There are many words I do not like, that I cannot tolerate that are still in many people's vernacular. Specifically the F word, N word or R word.

I believe in God, but I never talk about him on my blog. In fact this is the first and last time. The Bee Family doesn't have a set religion, but we are trying some out. I was confirmed Catholic, but am no longer a practicing Catholic because I do not agree with their views on many things. Those of you that are Catholic, that's awesome. One of my best friends is Catholic.

I say awesome too much. Awesome either means wonderful or amazingly bad.

I think my kids are near perfect and I love them more than I thought I could love anyone (sorry Mr. Bee). There is just something so heart wrenching amazing about watching your children grow up. That being said, I could use a babysitter. Anyone, anyone?

I love my husband. Without him I would be incomplete. Okay, I know it's corny, but it's true.

I have the best friends on Earth, you know the kind that let you write about them passing out on the toilet and laugh about it. (By the way S, I had no idea you had passed out on the POTTY when I wrote it, I swear. I didn't make that connection until after the fact.)

My Mom and Sister are great friends. I confide in them all my overwrought worries and silly ticks and they still talk to me.

I work hard to make my Dad proud of me every day.

I hate working full time, but am pretty much stuck in a decent paying job with great benefits [yes I am trying to be sarcastic here]. (Note to boss: I write all of my posts at home and schedule post times for them, I promise.)

Oh, and this is a BIGGIE- in case you hadn't noticed, I am a huge sap.

Oh yeah... when a post is getting too wordy, I like to put pictures of cute fuzzy bunnies in them. So for your perusal:

I am pretty damn happy, but I promise not to sugarcoat it all of the time. Oops already swore- you see what I mean?

Here is a Primer to get you up to speed:

Mr. Bee= darling hubby
Calamity= 17 month old son, Jacob
Drama King or Mr. Drama= 4 year old son, Drew
Janana or Janna Bee= Me

Read the "About/Contact Me" Tab and "My Favorite Posts" Tab to learn more.

I also am running a blog carnival (is that what they are calling them these days?) for something called Friday Favorites. Friday Favorites are the things that got us through the week, big and small. I put up Mr. Linky every Friday so that you can link to your blog if you decide to do a Friday Favorites post. Last time it was really enjoyable for everyone who did it (either that or they lied to be nice). You can check out the Friday Favorites here and decide if you want to participate!

Friday Favorites
Friday Favorites #2
Friday Favorites #3
Friday Favorites #4

And now I have done my spiel!

So in short Welcome. Feel free to drop me a line about anything!


  1. Oh I look forward to reading all about you and your lovely family! I use exclamation points entirely too often and I ALWAYS use smileys. I can't even control it! Anyhow, you inspired me, tomorrow i'll have to write a quick intro to my new followers :)
    oh crap, I did it again!

  2. Oh, I think it's great that you've updated us....your new followers! I use tons of exclamations myself and share way too many pictures on my blog!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the warm welcome and info for all ua newbie followers. I think I'm going to enjoy your blog very much.

  4. Definitely not TMI! I think we are bloggy soul mates. I was right there with you on all the first four, esp. the liberal (but not bringing that up on the blog) thing!

  5. Thanks for the welcome. We're alot alike. Scarey, there's 2 of us!! :)

  6. this is great idea getting everyone up to speed. I am afraid to do that with new followers on my blog as I may scare them away quicker than normal :-) My friday favorites are ready to go!

  7. That is so sweet to hear about your dad. Every little girl should make her dad proud, and why stop when you're all grown up?

    lindsay ||

  8. I love the pictures, the caps, bold, italic and stuff. It keeps it all interesting. I will forgive for being Liberal (lol)

  9. Thanks for rolling out the welcome mat! I do love TMI. Btw, I know the F and N, but what is R? You can just hint at it if you can't say it... (apologizing in advance for my ignorance - I recently changed my name to reflect this, but I just can't think of R)

  10. I'm excited to be one of your new followers! I love all the kid pictures, you can never have too many. And I have the same definition (and over-use) of awsome.

  11. I knew there were many reasons why I liked you, Janna Bee. You've confirmed them all right here!

    I love your blog!

  12. Whooooo, look at you with all the followers - dizzamn! I also don't get the R word, but that's cool ;0)

  13. I like your honesty...I look forward to reading more.
    have a great day!

  14. Yay for you -- 50 new followers! Holy Mother of God! You totally deserve it though .. your blog is great.

    Even though I've been reading you for a little bit, I was interested to learn that you are a recovering Catholic -- just like me! I've been struggling with the whole religion thing since having my son as I want to introduce him to SOMETHING but I don't know what!

    : )

  15. Thanks for the welcome, I look forward to reading1

  16. I also say awesome way too much. I think that it is just the perfect word most of the time. I find that I tell people... no really I was struck with awe! This is why it was REALLY TRULY AWESOME! They all think that I am nuts. I love your site. Keep up the great work. I will be back!




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