March 22, 2009

and the award goes to....

Ahhhh.... I am so grateful. I have been awarded some wonderful awards, and I get to pass them on! Lucky me!

Jineen @ i come to the garden- The Hottie Award

Lucy @ Lucy's Life in Suburb world- The Sisterhood Award

Sandy @ A Groovy Kind of Life- The Lemonade Award

This is what I love about blogging.... there are no awards for all the crappy stuff I have to do in life. I have never received an award for wiping Jacob's butt and singing "Gimme, Gimme, Jake" to the tune of "Gimme More" to keep him happy and holding his hands and legs so he doesn't get poop on himself, however, I can (and do)receive awards for doing something I love. Thank you ladies!

I am awarding these to:

Carma @ Carma Sez- Because her blog is great even if some smelly pirate hookers giveaway crazed followers aren't paying attention!

CDB @ Fingers and Paws- Because she is a talented blogger and I haven't had a chance to give her an award.

Mesa @ Mesa's Musings- Because she has had a hard blogging week, and she needs some happiness.

Debra @ Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History- Because she is as sweet as Apple pie!

Sandy @ A Groovy Kind of Life- (The Hottie Award and The Sisterhood Award)

Lucy @ Lucy's Life in Suburb world- (The Hottie Award and The Lemonade Award)

Jineen @ i come to the garden- (The Lemonade Award and the Sisterhood Award)

Thanks to all of you! You make Blogging fun.
PS- All those that have visited me in the blog party- I will be visiting you on Monday! Thanks!


  1. Congrats on your awards! I just put up the same awards on my blog!!

  2. Congrats on all of those awards in one week. You so totally rock!

    Isn't it something how friends can make your day by giving you award for being you!

    I never thought that I would have this much fun blogging!


  3. Aren't these awards fun!

    Thanks a bunch and I just love the name Hottie because when you are old and married for over 20 years you don't hear Hottie often, Um, like never!!!

  4. I'm a newbie blogger and haven't figured out how awrds work yet but congrats,lol!!!

  5. Awe, you are so sweet! I am so excited! But which one did I win?

  6. Congrats on the awards and congrats to the recipients! :) happy Sunday.

  7. OMG--- You have me grinning from ear to ear - You are a hoot!! Damn those smelly pirate hookers. I may just swerve the next time I see them on bicycles :D

    Thanks for the awards!!! And may we both be at our computers and not off doing laundry during NMM posting time tomorrow!!

  8. Wow, THANKS!! This made my whole day. (: I appreciate the award(s!) and congratulate you on receiving yours! It is no wonder though, because you give us all so much to smile about all the time!

    Off to figure out the "rules" of these here awards!

  9. thankyou! i was always so jealous because i was so new to blogging and didn't have any awards....
    i am special now:) and not in the short bus, my mommy loves me, kinda way either! thankyou!



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