March 23, 2009

Ms. Positive and Moldy Food Edition of Not Me Monday!

Well I am back for more Not Me! Monday!
This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
Update: Please check out MckMama's blog. Her son Stellan is the hospital right now. Please go and give some words of support.

I am NOT starting to feel guilty in the slightest bit about only doing memes, giveaways and parties the last couple of weeks. I am NOT promising to have a virtually meme/giveaway free week (except for NMM and Friday Favorites). I am NOT secretly freaking out about writing an actual post because it has NOT been so freakishly long since I wrote something with content.

I am NOT freaked out about my new nickname in (my small little corner) of the blogosphere, "Ms. Positive". I didn't think that my Friday Favorites idea would inspire so much positive thinking, especially since in real life I am NOT considered Ms. Negative. (And a side note, I did NOT just use the word blogosphere? Yech.)

I am totally NOT grossed out by the new toy I bought Drew. I would NEVER say something is ugly as sin. I totally did NOT tell Drew that his two headed dragon is freakishly ugly. In turn he so did NOT beam and say "I know" and laugh maniacally (it sounded like "bwahaha").

I did NOT rush out and buy Twilight on Blu ray. Mr. Bee and I totally did NOT already watch it, and I did NOT explain behind the scenes (reader) information about Twilight. That would totally be dorky and that would NOT be my style, because I am NOT a Twilight freak.

I did NOT spend a good portion of my sick day on Friday on the computer making fun of people from High School to one of my oldest friends who lives in Minnesota. We did NOT Facebook IM all Thursday night and Friday afternoon. I have not seen her since September 08 and I am NOT totally missing her, nope NOT at all :(

I would like to tell you that I always keep a clean house and clean refrigerator. That is why I will tell you that the weird substance in a Tupperware container was left in someone else's fridge (NOT mine). I would NEVER be a freak and turn something like this into a contest and say that the first person who correctly guesses the contents of this container wins having their link (and name) at the top of my page for a week. I would NEVER ask people to guess something that is so gross (it is a food item, and it was only left in the fridge for 7 days-those are the hints). Oh yeah and that is NOT my Mom's Holiday Tupperware that she wanted back ages ago. I am NEVER a Tupperware thief. No way, nu-uh, NOT me!
Hmm... this has been harder than I thought for people to guess, so I am going to give a hint, and if this hint isn't good enough than I will give an easier one! This substance is Mr. Bee's favorite food item to make (hence why it sat in the fridge for so long) I allude to this in a post in December '08. See look how I am making you work for this!

I do NOT have the freakiest collection of pictures in my "March 09" pictures folder now. It is totally NOT filled with pictures of ugly two headed rubber dragons and moldy food because I had to take 4 or 5 pictures to get the flash out of the shot.

I totally did NOT use the word "freak" in some form in each paragraph. That would just be weird and weird is totally NOT me!

So what do you think is in the container? And are you so proud of me for NOT promoting Friday Favorites? Oh wait... too late!


  1. Mmmmmmm homemade buttermilk ranch dressing?

  2. Stopping by from SITS: Have a great week :-) Love, Evi

  3. Dang-
    Mark beat me to ranch dressing dip :-( or maybe sour cream?

  4. Ok, so my first guess is out. Tapioca pudding?

  5. I was gonna say ranch dressing too but everyone has been wrong so far so I won't. Ummmmmmmmm........some kind of pudding? Cookies and cream maybe? Otherwise, that's a lot of fricken mold honey.


    Really? Gross.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Tziki sauce (cucumber-yogurt sauce for Gyros.) Whatever it is, this is the grossest, most funny contest EVER and I love it. My fridge is full of this kind of thing; I did NOT just admit that.

    You are hilarious! I'm cheating and checking your updates on twitter. Can we guess twice?

  9. Dang-
    Now I'm too late with the pancake batter.

    Did enjoy reading your December posts though :D

  10. This made me throw up a little in my I think I had this in my fridge last week.

    Is is yogurt?

  11. From a distance, that toy looks like a banana peel.

    I just made the decision to move more away from memes myself. I'll still do some of them but nearly as many.

    The freak in me wants to see your freakish photos.

  12. If you don't like using blogosphere,you can use my term blogland. I think it sounds more disneyish. And peppy.

  13. Hilarious contest. I loved the way you turned the yuck into a contest. Now that is not something I have seen before.

    If I were to throw my hat into the ring, I would go with pancake batter, but I think it has already been taken.


  14. Loved your NOT me's!!

    Totally thinking ranch dressing but read through all the comments.

    So wait, is it batter of some sort? Cause yeah, I'll puke in my mouth right now :)

  15. Haha that is great... When I first saw the photo, before I read what you said, my thought was Ranch Dressing... then seeing the comments, I'm realizing that must not be right. Oh well.


  16. I'm thinking ranch dressing for the unidentified food item. If it is something else, I really don't want to know.

    And that dragon -- I thought it was a rotten banana.



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