March 17, 2009

Little Green Bites

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I don't have the finger strength to type something long, so here's some little "green" word bites to hold you over for the next 3 days while I am busy.

Here's hoping that if you run into a leprachaun it's the one on the left and not on the right!

Just rented Blackout from the library. Seriously why are all Britney Spears CD's so embarrassing looking? Each cover looks like a badly made porno. I feel I may need to brown bag this one just to transport it.

And for that matter why do "Circus" and "Gimme More" sound so much alike?

This morning I was getting Jacob out of his highchair and he was acting grumpy about it. I look at him and blurted out of frustration, "you are not the king of the house Jacob. Be patient!" Drew looked at me and said, rather matter of factly, "yes he is."

Last night the boys were playing in their sandbox. I asked them what they were building. Drew told me "I'm making compost." I asked him what compost was, and he said "it's made of old food and you spread over the dirt of other plants and it becomes food for the plants."

Mr. Bee looked at me and said "I just found out what compost was two years ago, and he knows this already?"

"Well, you can thank our friend, Curious George for that one," I replied.

From Twitter:

My husband always says that if Jessica Alba is in a movie, you know it's going to suck.

Some of the people following me? @yourboyfriend and @getyourloveback! What are you trying to say to me, Twitter?!?

Don't you think it would be cool if you knew someone named "Mylady"? I'm sure someone out there is named this.

I can't believe I have such bad heartburn from Milk. I am old, for reals.

There's nothing like the smell of BO permeating every room in your office. And, no it's not me.

My 17 month old son is going gaga over NASCAR. I guess it's just ingrained in certain people.

Okay, now why am I suddenly Zitty McZitterson today? I am almost 30, I am too old to be going through puberty.

I know I might be losing it... because I called a woman at the deli a smelly pirate hooker.... in my head.


Have a good day everyone! See you on Friday for Friday Favorites!


  1. I ehat that dam movie.. it had my kids NOT wanting to have St. Pats!! And I'm NOT giving up my day o' Guiness! Um don't ALL Britney Spears' songs sound alike? Or did they get annother voice-over machine? Do you find yourself ever wondering what her boys will think of her "job" some day? Watch out for those Twitter flitters.. I have one called (crazed cupcake fan).. what that all about? And YES he is King! You know when they have carde blanche to follow you into the "powder room" that you've no longer got your own "throne"

  2. With the amount of hair, makeup, airbrush and voiceover I could be the next Britney Spears! Lol "dirty pirate hooker" - priceless

  3. LMAO @ "dirty pirate hooker". At least yours was in the deli, we have them walking down the streets here!

  4. Smelly Pirate Hooker and Zitty McZitterson! You are a hoot :-) I hate that though when "ugly" things pop in my head and I can't clear them out. Or like driving and wondering if I might lose control and swerve into a bicyclist on the side of the road. OK TMI. Note to self: Do not reveal workings of inner mind on internets.

  5. Wait til you hit your 40's you may not keep it in your head!

    Catch you Friday.

    P.S. Thank Drew for teaching me what compost means.

  6. Seriously, that album cover looks like a bad EIGHTIES porno.

  7. Don't worry about the milk heartburn, I got wrecked from one drink the other night. And I even got eight hours of sleep. Then I ate some salsa the next morning? Forget about it.

    lindsay ||

  8. Hi Janna,
    Happy St. Patricks Day! That pic of the little green guy freaked me out! I watched that movie when I was younger. Now I'd probably laugh at it though!

  9. Seriously, either one of those leprechaun scare me!

    And I agree with you about Britney's album covers ... they are all so bad. Not that I have any. Cuz I don't. I've just seen them around and all.

    And Drew pretty much called it, I think!

    Enjoy your time off ... hope your fingers heal up!

  10. I will say that I didn't know compost meant that...I just thought it was trash. LOL Then again, I can barely get the different types of plastic sorted at the recycling bins.

  11. I need to follow the people you're following on Twitter!

  12. Hi.
    Just passing by via SITS to say hello! :)

  13. why do kids know such bizarre tidbits of info? compost....i love it!

  14. Britney Spears???? Help!! She does look like a 'dirty pirate hooker' We must keep our little one's far away! Thanks for the link this morning! Tidbits of information are interesting!

  15. I feel really inadequate because I've never been creative enough to call anyone a smelly pirate hooker. Damn it.



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