March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday! Anal Retentive Edition

Well I am back for more Not Me! Monday! It's been a while, and I have really NOT missed it!
This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am so NOT totally sick of all the toys that have a million pieces! I totally did NOT go through my house and hide all blocks, bags of balls and anything that could be dumped out on the floor and thrown around. I would NOT do that because I would recognize that little boys need to be messy!

I also did NOT almost have a heart attack and become the Duchess of Drama when Drew clomped his big muddy galoshes all over the floor which did NOT prompt Drew to turn into Mr. Drama and run and hide in a corner for 10 minutes.

I so did NOT feel like Kate Gosselin and I so did NOT want to make both kids wear bibs 24/7 and banish them to the basement to save on mess!

I so did NOT get all cheesy and call Jacob "Cool Dude" for the entire three minutes he wore Drew's sunglasses. I would NOT do that because it is not 1989!

I am NOT totally devastated that MSU did SO poorly against Ohio State in the Big Ten Tournament. I would NEVER get all worked up about a basketball game. I am NOT completely worried about their chances of doing well in the NCAA tournament, because I know that that game against Ohio State was a fluke and totally NOT a sign of weakness! {Bites nails.}

I will NOT take this time to tell people coming over from MckMama's blog that if they love blog carnivals they should come back on Friday for my Friday Favorites blog carnival. I would NOT also direct them to this link to check out last week's FF's to find out what Friday Favorites is all about! I would NOT do this because I am NOT the type of person to constantly hype something and drive all my weekly readers insane. ( NOT go check them out!)

Thanks for playing along and do NOT have a good Monday everyone {wink wink}!


  1. Bibs 24/7 sounds like a reasonable idea :-) Glad to see that you are NOT plugging Friday favorites! I did NOT enjoy participating on Friday :D

  2. Why did you have to remind me it was Monday?! I'm goong to hide back in the bed. :)~

  3. Happy Monday!!! Im with you on the toys.....

  4. Heehee! Happy Monday! He is a pretty col dude, even in 2009. :)

  5. congratualtions of being number 3!! (is it just me or do you get this crazy shot of adrenaline just getting in the top 10?? --two weeks in a row, i might add!)
    so now it’s off to be productive. because i’m sure that the hubster would NOT share my love for NMM, nor would he be in the LEAST impressed that i made the top ten. nope, not him!!
    loved the kate gosselin reference. i swear to have that many kids AND ocd?? it's a wonder jon didn't start drinking with co-eds sooner!! (although i do hope they work things out!)
    have a great week!

  6. I will be checking it out!
    I have two boys who are just a mess!

  7. Ah, yes... The dreaded toys with all the pieces. My philosophy is that if I find a single unidentifiable piece that's strayed away from the safety of the boys' bedroom, it goes in the trash. And if a toy clearly states it has 300+ pieces, it never comes home with us. ;) But it gets worse as they get older, huh?

  8. Heh, Jon and Kate, we love that show! TOtally know how you feel about the toys. We just had this conversation at work not too long ago actually. I just let everything pile up until the baby is asleep, then I go clean everything up afterwards. Saves on picking up throughout the day, because that's a neverending chore. Drives my wife crazy, but it's always done!

  9. "Cool dude" is a great phrase, who cares if it's not 1989? :o)

    Happy Monday!


  10. I know you know that I'm a Michigan resident but did I happen to mention that I'm an Ohio State fan? Don't hate me.

  11. Holy crud, I couldn't get passed the first picture!!!! WE HAVE THE SAME PLATES!!!! LOL How fun!! Those are my old "single girl" plates but we're still using them while the "we got married" plates are sitting downstairs. I need to switch them sometime...but how fun that you have them too.

  12. I lone NMM! Going to play one of these days.

    Another college bball fan! Yay!

  13. Great list! I have not done any of those things, either! I am not an anal mom who can't stand the messiness that comes with kids!

  14. Haha, Mr. Drama. Keep those cutie pics coming!

    lindsay ||

  15. I can't stop giggling over the blocks. I so hate blocks and they keep reapearing, you know in the hallway late at night when I have no light to see them! LOL

    Thanks so much for stopping by girlie.

  16. Oh, I use to hate the toys everywhere too!
    What a cutie!!
    Flukes are sooo fun:)
    I'll be back on Friday!

  17. i love the pic of your littel one with the sunglasses:) have a great monday!



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