April 4, 2009

Black Out

So today is a very important game. You all know how much I love the Michigan State Basketball team. LOVE them.

I have a Birthday party that we are attending @ 3:30pm. It's an hour away. It's at aqautic center, which means getting the kids into and out of bathing suits and getting dry, loading the kids into the car, and driving home to watch the game. The game that starts @ 6:00pm. These things don't add up. SO....

We are doing the unthinkable.

We are DVRing what is the most important game this year and playing catchup.

Starting at 3:30 I will not be contacting the outside world. Computers, Cell phones all shut off so we can watch the game on about an hour delay. Please do not try and contact me.

The things we do for our teams. I now know how Mr. Bee, a huge sports fan feels every day of his life!

Go State!
Beat those Dogs, those Huskies!!!
This is for you, Bookkitten! My response to your post!


  1. Oh no! I hope that no one ruins the outcome for you before you have a chance to see it!

    Just dropped my hubby off at the airport for Detroit! I hope you do get to catch up quickly, so nobody lets you in on the outcome!

    And what a good idea for a bday party! Ironic.. we have a bday party this afternoon as well, but we are the LATE game--whew!

  3. You are every man's fantasy....you love sports as much as they do! Hee,hee! Enjoy!

  4. I'm eating crow right now, Janna...just thought I'd let you know...

  5. Then I won't tell you they won. ;) Of course, I wouldn't do that after I already know you posted that they did, indeed, win.



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