April 3, 2009

Friday Favorites #8

It's Friday Favorites time! Oh yes it's time to pay homage to all the things that got us through the week, and give credit where credit is due! Here are my Friday Favorites this week....

Hearing Good News about Stellan. I know I am not the only blogger out there that has been touched by this little boy, and worried about him nonstop. I am so glad there has finally been some good news about the little guy. Click on my button on the side for more information.

Kris Allen on American Idol. He is the most talented (can play two instruments- well!), and most creative (without being annoying- yes I'm talking about you, Adam Lambert) contestant this year. Can he save the abysmal season 8? Only time will tell. He sure is a cutie pie too!

Starter for 10 (DVD) Jen @ Daily Mish Mash recommended this movie to me after I told her of my fondness of James McAvoy. (If you don't know who he is- watch Atonement or Becoming Jane- two greats that he is in.) I absolutely adored the movie. Granted, it's a B movie with low budget, but James was great in it and the rest of the cast was a breath of fresh air too. And go check out Jen's Blog, it's very entertaining!

Adobe Photoshop 7 (computer software) I just bought this and I LOVE it! I am still learning, but the things you can do with it are endless! It's pretty awesome and it's how I made my new- spring inspired button. I love it. I am also planning on working on a blog makeover. If you decide you are interested in purchasing this- there is a link to Amazon on the side bar and let me tell you, I spent a heckuva lot more on the program buying this at Best Buy. That is a great price for it. Plus, if you click on any of those Amazon ads and decide to buy them, I get some Amazon bucks. I signed up to be an Amazon Associate since I was already linking to them in my Friday Favorites, so I figured I might as well! I promise I will never put anything I don't love into those boxes (the Google ads are a different story....)

Weiners by Black Hockey Jesus @ THE WIND IN YOUR VAGINA. Because he is a fantastic writer and I think you should check him out, also because I think it makes a great companion piece for my favorite post that I did this week- The Nipple Talk. (I know I normally never mention something I wrote, but feedburner messed up the timing of this post so badly.)

Horton Hears A Who DVD Already a classic in my book.

And how could I forget MY BELOVED SPARTANS. I am so proud of the Michigan State University Basketball team. You guys have made me proud, no matter what happens in the game tomorrow. And YES I APPRECIATE YOU TOM IZZO.

I know, I am working on learning more, but this is as fancy as I get for now!

My Readers. You know, for not judging me when I tell you something that doesn't portray me in the best light (i.e, my last two posts). I am glad I can be honest with you. Plus without you I would just be babbling to myself. Not that I have a problem doing that!

What are your Friday Favorites? Leave them in the comments or post an entry on your blog and link up (be sure to link back here).


  1. Great FF's. I copped out this week, not having many favorites, but I'll be back. And Photoshop is great. It takes some getting used to but you can do lots of cool stuff. Oh, and feedburner is totally messed up. It appears I have no subscribers, although maybe that's true :-O

  2. Hey -- I'm finally doing it! : )

    And based on that photo, I may have to start watching American Idol.

    And yay that there is good news for Baby Stellan.

    And I love the new button ... but I used the old one.

    And didn't you just do a blog makeover? Well, who am I to talk? I'm on my fifth one in as many months!

    And I'm a bit behind on blog reading but I'll get caught up over the weekend with your other posts! : )

  3. See, Janna, you and me---we were surely separated at birth. I, too, have quite a fondness for the cute and sexy little James McAvoy. When my husband found out he was like, "You mean Tumnus?"

    Photoshop is awesome I have the Creative Suite.

    and, I enjoy The Wind In My Vagina, too....the blog, not really the actual wind in my vagina.

  4. Your killing me with changing your Friday Favorite Logo picture, I finally got the other one up and running and you get a new one!!!

    Love the littel MSU FAN, Good Luck tomorrow, You know Go BIG TEN!!!

    Glad to hear there was some good news for the little guy!!

    I did my best with Friday Favorites, not a great week!

  5. Ahh photoshop, my partner in crime. =]

  6. I love Photoshop and have been dying to see Horton Hears a Who!!!



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