April 16, 2009

Shred update

Short post- Busy week. I know I have been phoning it in lately, and I'm sorry. I am just tired/uninspired/lazy/busy/dog ate my homework- whatever. I will hopefully be back with a vengeance next week.

Here is my update on my shredding process.

Today is day 15.

I have lost 3 pounds. This means I am officially out of "omigod I can't believe this what the heck happened?" fat territory and now just comfortably "I hope I don't run into anyone from high school" fat.

I am drinking more water. Also still drinking lots of pop.

Missed one day of shredding because I went out with my friends. I drank a little beer, but didn't overeat when I got home... which is better than I have been doing.

My stomach feels harder, you know under the layers of fat.

Mr. Bee did the shred last weekend. It was seriously the funniest thing ever. Now he claims he is too "sore" to work out. Um next time don't use 12 pound weights, honey!

I officially hate Jillian Michaels.

No pictures yet. Maybe next week?

And yes, I am doing Friday Favorites! Get yours prepared, if you are interested.

Also- Update- Stellan is on route to the Boston Hospital. Please pray for safe transport. Still thinking and praying for you, Stellan.


  1. 3lbs. is great! Really, keep it up. Doing it reasonably and not starving yourself or depriving yourself constantly will help you keep it off in the long run.

    MEN, why do they always have to over do it!!! Haven't lifted weights in how long? But, oh, let's start with the heavy one right off the bat, duh, of course soarness is going to set in! (lol)

  2. Haha, I agree with you on the Jillian comment!

  3. Ha! Loved your comment about the hard stomach :-)

  4. I still have to try Jillian's work out. I'm still doing Gunnar Peterson's ball workout.

    He he. Ball workout.

  5. Ha, sounds like Mr. Bee needs a trainer (you).. congrats on the 3 lbs.! Good work!

    So sweet of you to think of Stellan

  6. Congratulations on your shred! That's awesome. Losing weight is really hard. I haven't made particularly great progress this year; I've only lost a few pounds over the past few months. But at least I didn't gain any!

  7. You and me both girl.

    Loved the bit about hard stomach under the layer of fat. :)

    Sounds like me.

  8. What the heck is shredding? I feel so not cool because I don't know this new buzz word. (You can answer after you're done laughing at my ignorance! hee,hee)

  9. I love getting to read posts about people working out and getting exercise and being excited to do it. :) I'm not a crazy fitness person, but I do enjoy running and I think it's great when others make moves to get healthy. Happy Friday!



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