April 17, 2009

Friday Favorites #10

It's Friday Favorites time! Oh yes it's time to pay homage to all the things that got us through the week, and give credit where credit is due! Here are my Friday Favorites this week....

#10! Hard to believe 10 weeks Have passed since I started Friday Favorites! In honor of #10 I am going to give you 10 favorites this week- 5 from this week, and 5 favorites overall (these are like my favorites hall of fame). Here we go!

My Five Faves this week:

1. Becoming Jane (Movie) Sometimes, especially when I am surfing the crimson wave, I've just got to watch a movies that makes me cry. This is one of them. Heartbreaking, but not in a cheesy, Nicholas Sparks sort of way- sorry Nicholas Sparks fans! If you haven't seen it yet- please do!

2. Pizza and Movie night. One weeknight a week we pull out the kids table and paper plates and watch a movie and eat. Very little cleanup and the kids love their special treat.

Intently watching the movie, they are. Turning into Yoda, I am.

3. Hanging out with my friends on Tuesday. It was much more fun than my tired body can handle!

4. All my blogerinos, my blogging friends who still stick by even when I am in a blogging funk. Thanks guys, I promise I will have better posts soon. Plus you guys totally complimented me on my picture with the kids last Friday which was so totally awesome and totally unexpected.

5. My Niece Marisa. She's turning two today and she gets a special shout out! Love you 'Risa! Your Aunt Janna is the your favorite Auntie, too! (Please wish her a Happy Birthday in the comments section- her Mommy reads the blog and I bet she would think that is cute!)

When Marisa was just an infant and I was pregnant she would let me hold her for hours... and I did! Here is one of the pictures, with Max, my sister's other big baby!

My Five Faves overall:

1. My Boys. I bitch, moan and complain sometimes, but where would I be without them? I love the men in my life. I'm beginning to love sports and dinosaurs and trucks- what are they doing to me? EEK!

2. My Mom and Sissie. I miss our Friday lunch dates (at one time we went out to lunch every Friday). And of course my Dad, the grill master extraordinaire.

3. My Friends. Cinquo de Mayo again this year? Puh-leez? I'm not pregnant this year, how about it?

Cinquo de Mayo 2007. Pregnant here. Yep, that's MY 7up. Woot. Ain't no party like a preggo party!

4. Great Wolf Lodge. We had so much fun last year, we are doing it again at the end of May. Even though Jacob hates water. Altogether now- huh? Well we are hoping he changes his mind by then (crosses fingers).

5. Lollapalooza. I hate to be looking forward to the end of summer, but I can't wait to go!

Okay all- now tell me- what are your faves? You can blog some FF's and then link back if you so choose, or leave them in the comments!


  1. lol! I'm with you on the Cinco de Mayo thing. I'm able to "participate" this year, but I seriously doubt I'll be doing anything fun. DH will be home though (which is a treat for us) so maybe he and I will take our girls to our fav Mexican resturant.. tho they prefer the Chinese place! :P

    Hope you get to have some fun!

    Amy the SaltyMomma

  2. Your Friday Faves are great, they really help start off the weekend on a positive note. So thanks for that, it's one of my FF. :)

    Happy Birthday Marisa! We just celebrated my baby boy's first birthday...I remember the 2 birthday being GREAT for my first son. Enjoy!

    Pizza and movie night looks like fun. We tend to do that too. Kids love the treat of not having to sit at the table.

  3. Happy Birthday Marisa!

    Great photos of your family and friends!

    Oh, and I think I put in the Mr. Linky wrong. I think I still had my Writers Workshop linky from yesterday. Oops!

  4. Cute pics! I especially love the Movie Night one. Such a great idea and the kids look like they're really enjoying it.

    Happy Birthday to Marisa too! :)

  5. Great post!!! Love all the pics!!! PIzza and movie night who doesnt love that!!!!!! oh and Happy Birthday Marisa!!!!!!!

  6. Happy #10!

    And Happy Birthday Marisa!!

  7. You and I need to hang out and have a Jane Austen weekend! I actually have a Jane Austen action figure...oh yes, ma'am, I do!

    I love Becoming Jane!

  8. Happy Birthday Marissa!!

    Congrats on doing Friday Favs! for 10 weeks!!!

    Love the family picture.

    You look like your mom. What a great picture of the three of you.

  9. I really, really want to go to the Great Wolf's lodge in Williamsburg. You guys look like you had a great time.

  10. These are great! Love the photos ... and I've heard nothing but cool stuff about Great Wolf Lodge. .. I so want to go! And I think I want to start Pizza and a Movie night. I'll do it alone if I have to!

  11. Happy Birthday Marisa!

    I love that picture! The other baby is just adorable too. You must be his favorite aunt too. ;-)

  12. Look how lovely your life is, Janna Bee. This post made me especially happy. I want an invite to your Cinco de Mayo party. Your friend throwing the "let's rock" sign looks like my kind of girl.


  13. Beautiful pixs of your sister, mom and you!

    Visiting from SITS!

  14. I promise I have not dropped out of Friday Faves for good; have had so much going on; was in the car for 10 hours last Friday, and that was definitely NOT a fave :D

    Happy belated birthday to adorable Marisa.

    And you and your mom and sis are all so beautiful!!! Good genes all around!

    Oh, and are you looking forward to Lollapalooza? ;-)

  15. Happy Birthday to your sweetie niece :)



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