May 26, 2009


Okay, So I had an award post all ready to go... which I love to write them and thank everyone, but they take a LONG time. All I had to do was put the award pictures in. Well, one of them had a virus which screwed up the post, (and I don't even want to say how long I spent on it, when I should have been packing). So I am just going to thank you all instead of following the rules, sorry but I just can't try to do another one!

Thank you Bibi at Bibi Has the Last Word for the Adorable Blog Award (also Amanda and Katie at Crafting in Laymon's Terms), and the Sexy Blogger Award (oooh!) and the Vespa Friendship Blogger award.

Thank you Carma at Carma Sez and Lucy at Lucy's Life in Suburb World for the Queen of all Things Awesummm Award.

Thank you Tina at Talking with Teenie and Lucy at Lucy's Life in Suburb World for the Mom of the Year Award.

Thanks to all of you! I loved receiving these, thank you for thinking of me. I'm sorry if I forgot anyone, I lost everything when I put the pictures in so this is all from memory!

I will put them in my awards page as soon as I have time! Now off to finish packing!


  1. You are most welcome :D Enjoy your vacaton!

  2. I hate it when I spend fo-evah on a post and then lose it!

    Vacay? I saw you put something on twitter about 12 more minutes of work left. Where ya goin?

  3. Congrats on your awards. :) It's alawys lovely to "bee" recognized. LOL Sorry, couldn't resist.

  4. Oh that can easily drive someone nuts! Congrats on your awards and have a great vaca!!! Fun!




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