May 27, 2009

Zoo days!

I might be on Vacation, but I do know how to prepost. Here is a Zoo pictoral from our local Zoo.

Okay, I totally did not notice the fashion faux pas going on in this picture when I took it! Somebody pull that kid's pants up already!

Maybe next time we should read the sign that says "feed the goats on the other side of the fence". Just maybe.

Jacob enjoyed the goats about as much as he enjoys all interactions with animals!
All Drew could say about this pig was- "look at all that poop!"

Yeah, I'm showing Drew how it is done. Mr. Bee was NOT supposed to take a picture.

Wait, do tigers make faces? No...

Tigers ROAR!!!

Drew is showing us how big the fish is....

Or he is dancing a robot dance.

Better view atop Mr. Bee Mountain.

Seriously Potter Park... WTF is "Snag"?

Here is an exciting exhibit. It's bad when this is an actual exhibit. Michigan Zoos are definitely suffering from the recession. At least it's still open... and cheap!
Send Me to the Zoo and I take pictures of butt cracks, poop, sticks, rocks and signs that say "snag".
Maybe I can redeem myself with this one. Cuteness squared.


  1. Love the crack, the pooh...all of it. LOL I think your pics and captions were great. And cuteness squared is right. Gotta love brotherly love.

  2. Did they really make the signs for

    "rock pile"

    "Brush pile"


    And seriously wtf is a SNAG?

    Big heart and love for the guest post :)

  3. What a fun day at the zoo.

    Some very odd exhibits, but you know, you do live in Michigan (lol).

    The pictures were great, especially the adorable one at the end and you don't take a bad picture yourself, looks like you were having a great family day!!!

  4. The rock pile and brush pile just crack me up! Someone at the zoo has a sense of humor!! And my son just loves when the animals poop or pee -- to him, it is better than any TV show ever!!!



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