June 23, 2009

The post that is one big run on sentence (and promotes serious overuse of the comma)

To My Wonderfully Nice Readers:

I am sorry for my latest absence, it's just that I am so tired, it could be the soul-sucking 4 week training that finally ended, or it could be allergies or it could be that I am just burnt out from the never ending barrage of Birthdays (so much so that when I got frustrated because we have two Birthday Parties this weekend to attend, because for God's sakes man, like two every weekend since March, and I was acting like an asshat about it, but seriously so many parties that I don't even LIKE Birthday cake anymore zomigod and we have another one on Saturday too)

or it could be that I just need to chill and stop worrying about the mice and the woodchucks, earwigs, ants and strange little bugs that are infesting our house and maybe I just need to sleep, oh glorious sleep how I miss you so terribly, I want to just sleep for one day with no reason to wake up, no cleaning, obligations, or the need to feed anyone, even myself, because seriously I don't even like thinking about what I am going to eat anymore, all I have been doing is worrying about feeding others (for work and for mi familia)

which is why I will stop this lovely run on sentence and leave you all to go contemplate my navel, stare at my ceiling and not worry about how badly this post sucked and surely not check to see if anyone commented-because oh how I love comments- because if you comment, you should tell me how I am an asshat for this entire post, it's okay I deserve it as someone who is too lazy and tired to used punctuation correctly and I will probably spell something wrong too

and no I am not drunk, but I totally kind of wish I was and what does that say about me, after all it's only Tuesday, and yet it's so hot, too hot but I am going to shut my mouth because, after all, it could be like this outside:

So consider it shut and now I will go and try and catch some ZZzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzs and stop thinking about all I should be doing and to hopefully wake up refreshed and ready to use punctuation correctly.

Love, Janna

PS Spellchecker told me ZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzs and asshat were not real words, I disagree and think they should be included in the English dictionary- what do you think?


  1. Janna? This is one of my favorite posts of yours, no lie!
    I think the heat has made us all flipping nutty. We might hate the snow but there's no doubt we are Northerners.
    Szwejda demands more stream of conscienceness(sp???) posts!!

  2. You need a VEG day super duper bad, we all understand the need for those when life just seems to mess with the things we like to do, like blog,read blogs and play on facebook and Twitter.

  3. i love this post and the fact that you can come here and just let it all hang out! makes me feel like i too might be normal and ok! hope things start to look up!

  4. This post didn't suck. Read mine today. It does! Maybe you need to go on one of those sabbaticals. I remember Oprah had some woman on who took off and stayed in a cabin at the beach for a year by herself. I always selfishly think how awesome that must have been! Ah, but so lonely.

    Anyhoo, hang in there my bloggy friend!

  5. Janna, I am right there with you, babe! Almost the whole month of June sucked for me, and I took it out on my poor readers. I had too much to do, too many commitments...and then I got a sinus infection like mad and was FORCED to sleep an entire Saturday.

    Don't do what I did; get yourself some sleep BEFORE you get sick!

  6. i feel you sister! zzzzzzzzz.... so tired i just wanna check OUT.....and I mean in the nice comfy bed with a cool fan and no screaming fits around me. =)

    nice rant, very enjoyable post.

  7. I am going to agree with Sarah on this. Loved it! I think this is a collective stream, especially at the workplace. Man oh man.

    Do I need to remind you that I asked for 4 shots of vodka instead of espresso at the coffee shop Monday morning?

    Looking forward to tomorrow night, hope you're coming out lady. We both need it!

    (Also asshat is totally a word)

  8. Yes, asshat should be added to the dictionary. Also, if you have been to so many birthday parties that you don't like cake anymore, you should put your foot down. Because really, what is the point of life if you can't enjoy birthday cake?

  9. This post reads like my brain's continual monologue. I love the word asshat and I love comments too!

    I really enjoyed your post.

  10. You are definitely the first run-on poster I have found! Great rant!

  11. Sometimes the "worst posts" end up being on the best ... like this one. I know you are miserable but you spun some comic gold out of it.

    And I agree ..ZZZZZZZZ should be a work. Would help in Scrabble a lot.

  12. I really think that asshat SHOULD be a word. It's a fabulous invention. And I know I'm a week late on commenting on this post and surely you feel better by NOW....right? Hopefully? No????



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