July 30, 2009

Festival Dos and Don'ts...

Okay y'all- one week until Lollapalooza. One week- I am seriously stoked. Last year I went to Lolla too, and had a great time. That being said, there were some things I plan to do differently this year. I have prepared myself a little better this year than last, and learned a little from my mistakes. So here's my little Do and Don't guide for anyone that is planning on attending a music festival this year.

1. Don't bother taking pictures of the band, especially if you like to hang out by the back because it turns out like this:

Just what I always wanted, a picture of the back of some red-headed stranger. This one is a "framer" for sure.

2. Don't worry about preparing for the little things. You can go all out and spend money to get a pedicure so you can have cute feet for your sandals, but after an hour at the festival your feet will look like this:
Dirt is not your foot's friend.
Do give yourself the pedicure and save that foot scrubbing money for a lot of booze....

3. ...however don't slam 4 beers the minute you get to the concert, it will cause for a massive headache and mid-day hangover. I'm uh, just guessing... from uh, my friend's experience.... yeah...

4. Do bring a blanket if you want to be comfortable, or you'll end up sitting on pine needles and wet ground if you want a minute in the shade. This is what happens when you refuse to bring a blanket:

Why, yes my butt is wet, but I have a beer so I'm happy!

5. Don't stand behind the tall guy with the camera or he will do this the entire concert!

Um, think you got the shot, now put your fricken' arms down!

6. Don't go to the bathroom by yourself when you are drunk and then try to find your friends in this. Seriously, this was before Radiohead last year, and it was a little crazy. Before I got a little weepy, I had to take a picture. I found them... thank goodness for my friend E's umbrella (which I made fun of previously)!
Look at all the tiny ants!
7. DO stay as close as possible to the festival. Last year we stayed at E's house, which was so nice of her, and so economical, but she lived about an hour outside of Chicago. We learned the hard way that year stay in Chicago and not outside of Chicago, even if it saves money, because all the trains leave before the headliners are over and then you have to wait 2 hours for the next train, which is a total buzzkill!

8. Do research on the lesser known bands beforehand. Last year I missed a few I would have loved to see because I didn't do the research. This year I found some gems that I would love to see (TV on the Radio, Band of Horses, Vampire Weekend and others as well).

9. Do invest in a lot of antibacterial wipes. I got laughed at and called "mom" for having a purseful of these until all the antibacterial soap ran out in the port o pottys (Saturday afternoon). Then suddenly it wasn't so funny anymore! Speaking of port o pottys, that leads us to #10....

10. Don't be afraid of the port o potty. That's what #9 is for! Live it, love it, own it. Well, don't own one- I guess that would be a little odd!

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Above all else- make sure that you don't let the little things get to you. Just have fun and enjoy the fact that all there is to do at the concerts is hang out with friends, drink, and listen to kick ass music.


  1. Nice to see you have a plan, wouldn't want you to wing it for your special day (lol).

    Now, don't forget a special wardrobe for the day!!!

  2. sounds like sooo much fun..wet butt and dirty toes and all!!!

  3. LOL! Good to know you aren't going in blind! Have an awesome time!

  4. Looks like you had so much fun. I know standing behind a tall stranger can be so awkward. Believe me I have so many pics with strangers head at so many events. I never know what to say.

    Good for you and the antibacterial wipes. I have a purse full myself. :)

  5. Never make fun of a friend's umbrella or it will come back to bite you!

  6. I'd almost rather wear Depends than use a Port-o-Potty and antibacterial wipes are as important as breathing.

    I hope you have a great time and are located behind somebody very, very small.

  7. Hi!


    Your blog...interesting.

    Happy SITS Saturday!

    And sweet dreams.

  8. What a great post! Loved all the pictures, especially the picture of the guy taking pictures!

    Happy SITS-S-S!

  9. I love that you still go to music festivals!!! My festival days (well, one day really) are long behind me.

  10. Haha, you've got it all worked out sista!! Have a great time... you're SURE to now. :)


  11. jealouuuus!!! and good advice- love the wipes :)

  12. I wish I would've had this plan before going to a huge multi-band concert with my son last fall! I was LMAO over the pedicure thingy because that could've been my feet in the photo!

    I kept trying to take photos of Bullet 4 My Valentine and Pennywise but ended up with the same photos you have! lol!

    Hope you have tons of fun this year!

  13. I can't believe I saw all the set-up for your LALApalooza (my spelling and I'm sticking to it)!!! How exciting. :) It's fun to tread where I know you'll be treading soon.



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