August 5, 2009

It's the Little Things...

So getting ready for Lollapalooza was difficult this year. I seemed to be lacking... stuff. You know, new stuff. I felt the need to have cool things to wear....

First it started with the flip-flops. I totally did NOT have a good pair of flip-flops. Enter my Purple flip Flops Mush Tevas, which are squishy and wonderful.

Then I needed purple nail polish to match them. It turned out a little darker and goth like, but I like the shade, I think.

Well, and of course I needed a new pair of capris, because my green capris don't quite match...

And what would a vacation be without a sundress (pretend the dress is in a creme and orange pattern)?

Of course it might get cold, I need a cover up. (Imagine this cardigan is creme colored.)

Did I mention I am so sick of my Summer bag I used last year? It's so.... 2008.

Don't forgot the bottled water too, and the sunscreen, we are almost out of it.

I better get a case to protect my beloved Ipod too.

Wait... what about snacks?

Oh yeah, don't forget the antibacterial wipes!

I am now wondering how much this trip is actually costing me! Well, Me and Mr. Bee. What Mr. Bee doesn't know can't hurt him, though, right?


  1. Sounds like you are all good to go!!!

    Why do we always spend before the trip even starts??? My husband complaining about my bills for the trip before we even left the house (lol)

    Take lot's of pictures, I expect a visual posting of your weekend getaway!!!

  2. I totally stress myself out before trips getting odds and ends ready. Can't relax til I'm out the door.

    My husband's attitude is always "If we don't have it and we need it we'll just buy it when we get there." How do guys do it?

  3. just tell him these are all "necessities" ;-)

  4. If all else fails, as he's looking at the checkbook, flash him your goods...make sure the kids aren't around though - no good will come of that.

  5. Mr. Bee will be sooooo thrilled with the thought of you having FUN he'll not give ONE THOUGHT or GLANCE to the bills. Not once. Promise. (might be becaus the kids will be keeping him completely occupied???)

  6. This is how I spend to much money at Costco!

    But if it's for a good cause...I mean, come can't disappoint :)




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