July 19, 2009

Not Me Monday! Woodchucks, Vampires, Tantrums, Golf, Etc. Edition!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
I was totally NOT behind in my blog reading this week, and did not realize it's "Not my child Monday!" Oops... well enjoy anyway!

Mr. Calamity was not a miserable, crying wreck all week due to a little cold. He was NOT so annoying that I could hardly stand his presence. I did NOT take a picture of one of his tantrums because I thought it was funny.

This week we also caught another woodchuck and raccoon and delivered them to the nature sanctuary in one piece. This brings our total catch and release up to 4 raccoons, 3 possums, and 11 woodchucks, including a Mom and 8 babies. Even though my husband wants to get rid of them in an inhumane way at this point, I have talked him down from this... however.... I did NOT tell him to go out and just kill the %*#&$!! squirrels that were fighting in our yard at 4am on Thursday.

The children totally impressed me when they slept until 8:30 and 9am this weekend. I was very happy about getting to sleep in, and I did NOT get greedy and consequently want more sleep. (On a side note, my husband let me sleep in until 11:30am on Sunday. I am sure him letting me do this had NOTHING to do with deserting me for a Golf Weekend next week.)

This week we also finished Season One of True Blood. I am trying to avoid spoilers for the second season and I am totally NOT jealous of you HBO subscribers who are watching it now. (You spoiled brats with your fancy "premium" cable... okay I am done, and um... half kidding...)
True Blood Pictures, Images and Photos

What are some of your "Not Me!"'s this week?


  1. So the woodchuck disco's still going on, and now it's interspecies? I hope the squirrels haven't been waking you up because of squirrel sex!

  2. Ugh don't even say they were having sex! I bet they were... animals LOVE to procreate around my house. Yuck!

  3. LOL Sounds like you have your hands full with all the baby animals, not to mention your little tantrum thrower. Happy Not me Monday!


  4. That little cutie pie :D He's even adorable mid-tantrum! BTW we don't even have cable, so I am exempt from "spoiled brat" status ;-)

  5. I enjoyed reading your very cute post. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I'm evil but I just love that picture. Sometimes little ones during a tantrum just look too funny and there is not soothing them so CLICK away!!!

  7. No matter where you are, it seems the weather is affecting everyone right now. Weird. Glad to hear you slept in until 11:30. THAT is awesome.



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