August 27, 2009

Blockage (No, not that kind)

I'm stuck. My brain can't even wrap itself around typing out a decent post, y'all, because I have spent 24 hours this week alone doing monotonous data entry and feeling pukey and tired (no I am NOT pregnant, so please don't be the 40th person to ask).

I'm trying to even think of anything interesting that has happened in the past week to comment about (Drew's fixation on defecation, while amusing, has taken up enough of my time and energy posting updates on Facebook. All of the good stuff I have to say is being absorbed into Facebook, you should be my Facebook friend. Just sayin'.)

Screen capture: the final frontier in Facebook recycling. When I am plagiarizing myself from an hour ago, you know it's bad. No brain waves here, just the lulls.

There are some exciting ideas I have coming up though- so stay tuned. There will be changes, a giveaway for my 300th post, more pictures, and I am hoping to God, more funny on its way.


  1. sorry you're blocked! I've been having the same problem - which is why today's post is about napkins ;-)

  2. Goodness, there is something in the 'Bloggy' water! I can barely get a post out every couple of days and many many blogs I follow are putting up posts just like yours, hmmm. Is it end of summer blahs??? Just weird we all seem to be hit with it at once! Anyways, totally understand and I keep up with you on Facebook and watch for you in my google reader!!! I know you will be back in due time:)

  3. I hate blockage! Here's hoping you come down with the runs soon. ;)

  4. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. It's tough being creative in so many, FB, blog, email, twitter....wait,I don't twitter. Never mind.



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