August 14, 2009

Lolla... holla...

A couple of words on day one:
Disco Man = Text Miscommunication.
Of Montreal = Surreal Show.
Fairy Girl = Annoying.
Depeche Mode = Awesome.

Took a break; ate french dips at Irish Pub.
Refreshed, came back, watched Tool.

Found shade, stayed there.
Band of Horses = Amazing.
Lou Reed = annoying, played over his time.
Killers = entertaining.

Drive home.
Get speeding ticket.
Eat at a sub par Dennys.
Indiana sucks.
Get home.
Clean house.
Kiss my boys.

Oh, wait... you wanted pictures, and maybe more explanation?


It was a steady rain all Friday that started to beat down on my expectations. You couldn't even take out your cell phone. Everything was muddy and you couldn't find anyone with all of the umbrellas and rain. We were very waterlogged. Somehow, I managed to keep a smiling face (the beer helped) and at about 7, the rain finally stopped and we laid my wonderful waterproof blanket out and sat down and finally relaxed. Of Montreal was the weirdest show I saw at Lolla, but it was very entertaining. Then Depeche Mode came on, and man do they put on an awesome show. My feet never really hit the ground on that one. At that point I was dancing and drinking water, some kid (maybe 17) came up to me and asked (since I was drinking water) if I had any "E". I looked at him incredulously. I don't know what about me screamed "Drug dealer" to this kid. "NO." I said, and he wandered off.

All in all, a great night.
In case you are wondering, I saw Heartless Bastards, Ben Folds, The Decemberists, Of Montreal, and Depeche Mode that night.

View from our Hotel- That is Grant Park. If the window opened, you could've heard the music! Of course, the windows don't open on the 19th floor.

Consensus says: Rain Sucks.

Thank goodness for the umbrellas everyone else brought! (Did I mention I don't own one?)

We had to use our cameras while underneath said umbrellas.

Rain sucks, but rain + beer + music + friends = happiness (and pictures like these!)

Fairy Girl. She REALLY wanted attention.


I woke up at 6am and had a HORRIBLE hangover and couldn't fall back asleep. So I went to the fitness center in our hotel and worked out. (Because I am insane like that.) It was an amazing fitness center, they had ice cold lemon water cooler that I almost emptied with my thirst. Then I bugged my friends to entertain me and we went the the Lux Cafe (Sp?) that had the best breakfast sandwich ever!

Oh, yeah and Lolla....It was swelteringly hot and humid, and the crazy crowds we got stuck in were overwhelming to say the least. Sarah and I took a little break and left the park to eat at a cute Irish Pub and then came back refreshed. Unfortunately I missed TV on the Radio, which was a bummer, but we had a great time breaking away. Then we came back and saw Tool, which was good. Not Depeche Mode level of awesome, but still enjoyable.
Who did we see this day? Having trouble remembering it all, but we saw Gomez, Santigold, and prolly one other band that wasn't memorable, and Tool.

Disco Man! The source of many text miscommunication due to the fact that if you hadn't seen seen Disco Man before, you thought it was just a DJ spinning disco tunes. Right? That's what I thought.

I'm so NOT about crowds like this. It was too hot and humid to be stuck among that many bodies!


It was hot and sunny but less humid on Saturday, this was when we finally figured out the lay of the park and found a shady spot to rest ourselves all day. I saw Coheed and Cambria, The Raveonettes, Vampire Weekend, Lou Reed (ugh, Lou Reed who decided to bleed over his time into Band of Horses time, like the arrogant SOB he probably is), Band of Horses (they were amazing!) and The Killers (very good as well). I totally got crap from Mr. Bee over seeing the Killers instead of Jane's Addiction, but I enjoyed myself. They put on a good live show, and I knew most of the words to all of the songs I heard listening to the Killers, the same would not be said for Jane's Addiction.

Also, I took a nap on the blanket in the park too, a MUCH needed nap.

Buckingham Fountain all pretty like.

Budweiser stage had the best view of the Chicago skyline.

Em and me at the shady spot. Thank goodness for that blanket, it gets mad ups. (Wow that sentence looks weird. You know what I mean.)


The drive home. Seriously, day four always sucks, but it was not helped by the Indiana cop who gave us a speeding ticket, and the Denny's we ate at that was so disgusting! Indiana is a crappy state to drive through. Anyway, I got home at 5pm, cleaned up the mess at my house (Mr. Bee is fighting this statement, saying it was not messy when I got home. It was. End of story.), and about a half hour later, I was greeted by Mr. Bee and the boys coming home. I was on the receiving end of many hugs and kisses. I missed the boys, my Bees. It was good to be home.


Still recovering! It took me three days to write this. Hopefully I am fully recovered for this work week (one can only hope).


  1. glad your back!!

    Looked like you had a great time. (A little envious:)

  2. So, all in all was it worth it??? It sounds like parts were fun and parts not so much. My question: "is it getting less fun overtime or something you plan to continue to do???"

  3. I'm sure this was an amazing time -- talk about getting away from the life of a mom!!! I'm so happy for you! Sorry Lou was an arrogant dick ... and I would have seen Jane's Addiction instead of the Killers too -- I mean, Perry Farrell is the founder of Lollapalloza, rigth??? Give the man his props!

    And I'm 100% sure the house was a mess when you got home. Mr. Bee doesn't think so cuz he is a man and they have a different sense of what "messy" is.

    I'm glad you went -- sounds like a good but exhausting time.

  4. I just love seeing the city I was just in. :) How fun. I'm glad to hear you ate and drank and were merry!

  5. I can't believe you still don't own an umbrella - especially after the "umbrella dis" post :D

    Looks like a blast - except for the speeding ticket :-( Luckily you don't mention being the driver - although it still sucks...

    This comment sounded so scholarly when I re-read it - not!

  6. Sounds like you had an amazingly exhausting time. I have never been to a concert-a-thon (yeah I just made that up)I don't think I would be good in a place with that many people for that long. And yes, Indiana sucks big time!



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