August 18, 2009

24 Hours- A Quick Take

I went for my annual "woman's" appointment today. As much as I hate those appointments, I still preferred it to being at work. What does that say about me or my work?

In case you were wondering, My Doctor (We'll just call her Dr. Obvious) gave me the secret to weight loss today: she told me to exercise and eat smaller portions of healthier low calorie food. If only I had known this sooner! Thanks, Dr Obvious!

Jacob's teacher told me that she promised to stop dousing Jacob in gravy so his friends would stop biting him. (My response? Oh they are just getting him back from when he was a biter!)

Mr. Calamity: He's cute enough to bite.... figuratively, not literally, that is!

Bought a Twin Mattress for Drew today; learned that a piece of twine will hold a mattress and box spring from flying out of the back of my Ford Escape.

What did Drew like best about his new bed? It made him bounce higher than his old bed!

Love is going to 10 different stores at 9pm at night to get a Twin Spiderman comforter set for your 4 year old son...
...frustration is not finding that Spiderman comforter set anywhere!

I found the perfect garbage can with a lock at Bed Bath and Beyond. I went to buy it and the clerk asked me what kind of dog I had. I told him "er, it's for my son."

You know exhaustion is affecting your mind when you go to the store for diapers and walk out with a Spiderman pillowcase, light bulbs, a garbage can... and no diapers- eek!

On a more serious note:

Something about your parents going through surgery (as my Mom did today, to repair her torn rotator cuffs(?) or being ill really reminds you of how mortal you really are, and how much you truly depend on them.
I love you Mom, feel better soon!

My Mom and a young Jacob, before he turned into Mr. Calamity. Doesn't he look like the picture of innocence here?


  1. What kind of dog! ROFL! classic person whose never EVER dealt with a toddler

  2. Great pictures! Good luck with your moms surgery!

  3. Unfortunately we all deep down know the answer to losing weight and we hate it when the doctor tells us it simply, we want a secret quick potion,gosh there just has to be one out there, right???

    Poor Mr. Calamity, getting bitten, how dare they!!

    Hope your mom is on the recovery side of things today and will be feeling better soon!!!

  4. Hope your Mom's surgery goes well. And seriously, thank you for sharing that weight loss tip from your doctor. All this time I've been sitting here wondering... :)

  5. Loved Kelly's comment the best here!

    Glad your mom's surgery was ok. They are the best aren't they?!!


  6. Hope all goes well with your mom....the pics are adorable as always!!!!! And I hate when people even doctors act like losing weight is just THAT simple!!!!! Trust me it was way easier putting it on!!!

  7. Dr Obvious sucks. Hope all is well with your mom. Amber is on a total spider man kick...I hope she doesn't want a new comforter set.

  8. I am going to write down that "secret" to losing weight. Who woulda thunk???? Maybe I'll even share it with a few folks...

    Hope your mom is doing well...

  9. Thanks for sharing the secret!!! I had no idea!

    Hope your mom is OK!

  10. I love your quick takes. :) Good insight into everything that sounds normal for us, too! Well, except the lock on the garbage can. Hee hee.



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