August 12, 2009

A (very cute) Placeholder

I want to recap my Lollapalooza trip for you guys, I really do. I am just bone tired and struggling to get through this work week. So in lieu of an awesome, amazingly funny and entertaining recap. I will let this little guy entertain you. He's not quite at the same "caliber" as some of the performances I saw this week, but he's got adorableness on his side.... (For those of you who know me on FB, sorry about the recycle!)


  1. OMG He is so adorable!!!

    looking forward to hearing about lolapalooza

  2. How cute. How old is he in this video? :) They just won't understand why we thought their singing and dancing and talking was too cute for words....until they get to be the ones behind the camera.

  3. Totally cute!

    By the way, I just meme'd you :)

  4. "adorableness" does not cut it. A true entertainer!

  5. You know I still can never see this cutie pie ever having a tantrum! BTW, I love his chin cleft - he is going to be so handsome. And you need to audition for AI :D

    P.S. I am going to assume the flower lady is on vacation this week and will pester her beginning on Monday.



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