August 7, 2009

My 15 year old self is so excited....

I am scheduling this post, but I can safely say that I am in Chicago, and slightly drunk right now as this posts.

Here is my second recycle- this one is from Lollapalooza last year... Please do enjoy and feel free to make fun of me in the comments :)

So in 2 days I will be at Lollapalooza. I am very excited, not just for myself, but my 15 year old me. Let me explain.

In 1994, I discovered Alternative Nation. It was on MTV from 12am-2am on Saturdays, and being as I was so cool, it was "my thing" for Saturday. It was my one ritual (okay, my second ritual, my first being watching My So-Called Life on Tuesdays with Dominos pizza- I was SO Angela and wanted to be her, but it would actually be years before people commented on how much I looked like Claire Danes).

I would record videos I liked and watched them over and over again. It was my first glimpse at Beck, NIN, Sonic Youth, James, etc, etc. I LOVED Nine Inch Nails and was totally in love with Trent Reznor. I had a lot of the obscure Halo CDs. I remember wanting to go to Woodstock that year because Nine Inch Nails was playing.

I also remember my friends going to Lollapalooza that year. I wanted to go so badly, but for some reason I couldn't go. I think it had something to do with money/room in the car, but it wouldn't have mattered, my parents were very strict and wouldn't have let me go anyway. You might say, "You don't know that that is true". Yes, I do, my Mom actually said she wouldn't have let me go and she is nervous about me going THIS year. Seriously. Now, I am making up for lost time, going to Lollapalooza AND seeing Nine Inch Nails! It almost makes me want to put on a flannel and overalls.

Of course NIN is playing at the same time as Kanye West, so my 29 year old self is pissed about that.

My 15 Year Old Me. The choice in Headbands and braided hair have a reason- we were going to look funny and go to Meijers! Fun! Awesome! I have cropped everyone else out to protect them, but they don't look much better than me. The real fashion crime here? I was very skinny here and I am wearing two big shirts, my Dad's pants, and- wait for it- boxer shorts and underwear underneath. I don't know why I thought that made me grunge, I just know that it made me look about 20 pounds heavier. Rock on, 15 year old Janna Bee, Rock on.


  1. Very funny post. Hope you are having a great (burp) time (stumble)

  2. the grunge.

    Isn't it crazy how sometimes when we were younger we tried to make ourselves look bigger.

    And now...I find myself trying really hard to be skinny. Or just NOT fat. (yeah, that's easier than being skinny)


    Hope your having a great time!! Be safe, see you when you get back!

  3. Oh my, I had so many flannel shirts it was stupid! I love that show too. It was pretty short lived though. Remember when he wrote that song Red about.......Angela I mean his car LOL

  4. Oh good Lord. This could have been written by me. I lived minutes from Houston up until my late 20s, and I went to nearly ALL Lollapaloozas. I am obsessed with MSCL to this day. I have the box set. It's the ONLY show I own on box set other than the Gilmore Girls. The only thing this entry is missing for me is a deep obsession with Pearl Jam. :o)

  5. I was none of these things in 94, but you make it sound and look really fun. LOL I hope you're having a wonderful time in Chicago!



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