September 10, 2009

Insomnia (Subtitled: Sleepless and Sick at the Bee house)

If my life were a play, it would go like this:

Last night:

Mr. Bee: [Inaudible] Moan.

Jacob: Cough, Cough.

[Neighbors slam door.]

Janna's stomach: grumble, gurgle.

Mr. Bee: [weird clicking sound.]

Jacob: Cough, cough.

Janna's bladder: I am full- empty me.

Mr. Bee: Snore, turn over, grab all covers.

Jacob: Cough, cough.

Janna's sweat glands: Go crazy, boys. Make Janna feel menopausal.

[Animal fighting outside]

Mr. Bee: [Weird mouth breathing, sniffles.]

Jacob: Cough, cough.

[Neighbor's light turns on.]

Janna's bladder: Empty me again!

Mr. Bee: [weird clicking noise]

Jacob: Cough, cough.

Janna's stomach: Gurgle- is it morning yet? STAAAHVING!

Mr. Bee: [Inaudible, Moan, turn over, take all of the covers.]

Janna's Bladder: Did you empty me yet? Well, maybe one more time, just in case.

Jacob: Coughety, cough cough.

Janna's Stomach: Hellooooooooo.....? STAAAHVING!

Mr. Bee: Snore, moan, grumble.

Janna: Eff- this, I'm sleeping on the couch.

This Morning:

Janna: ---

Janna: ---

[Drinking coffee]

Back to normal.


  1. I hate those kind of nights and then the day is long and then the next day is longer, ugh!!

    And I swear, doesn't it feel like little ones get sick from now until May, June??? Double Ugh!!!

    P.S. grabbed your button!!! Hope that cheers up a little bit:)

  2. ugh I have been there and done that waaaaay too many times!!!! Maybe we should start a hotline for the nights we cant sleep then at least we have something to do other then lay there and listen to everyone else SLEEP!!!!

  3. LOL Weird Clicking Noise! This entry made me laugh JanananananaBee:-)

  4. That night was crap! Don't even bother.

  5. I'm concerned about the animal fighting outside. What kind of animal was it????? I'm stayin' in :D

  6. I hope the lack of posting over the last couple days doesn't mean things aren't normal!

  7. That is a lot of noise..LOL...earplugs!

  8. Aren't you super tired after these kind of nights???



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