September 10, 2009

Updating the blogroll!

Technorati has stopped including older links, so I am putting a new date on this blogroll, so you guys have higher authority (mine dropped dramatically, which is totes sad). Confused about technorati? Visit my link on the left hand side.

I tried to remember everyone but obviously some newbies are missing. If you link to me on your blog and you are not included, please let me know by leaving your blog name and url address in the comments and I will include you. Check to make sure your link is correct, please. Also, if anyone has stolen my button and put it on their blog- let me know! I can't wait to see it on someone else's blog.

Unless you let me know you plan to continue blogging, I am going to drop any links with no new postings in 6 weeks.

Also, please check out some of these blogs. If you stop by one, delurk and say Hi. Bloggers live for comments (myself included).

Also if you know of good pop culture snarky blog, photography blog or food blog, let me know in the comments and I will include their links. (Warning: if you tell me that Perez Hilton is a good pop culture blog, I will have to hurt you.)

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  1. I didnt see my name on the list....think Ill go cry now :o(

  2. What?? I'm not safe for fucking work???

    What's a little boob and cooter talk between cubicles??? Snicker.

    Thanks for including me in your awesome blog roll.

  3. Remember when everyone cared about Technorati?

  4. Hahaha I love the Redneck:-)
    Have you checked out I think you would likee. It's a good mix of pop-culture and feminism. Swedge endorsed! My one complaint is it can sometimes take forever to load...

  5. Dena- will add you this week.

    Tanis- No, thank you for all the boob and cooter talk.

    Neil- I still don't get Technorati. What is the cool thing now? Stumble upon?

    Sarah- Will check it out. Must commit to more non-personal blogs.

  6. Thanks for adding me to the roll even though I've been MIA lately :)

  7. My Technorati no. dropped too. I finally figured out it was because the links are only good for 180 days (6 mos- how's that for math!). Any links older than that drop (which sucks) - that means I'm never gonna reach 100 until I am about 100 :D

  8. I lurve Neil's comment.

    It is a sad day when something like Technorati can get us depressed!! Pffffft...

  9. Also, if anyone has stolen my button and put it on their blog- let me know! I can't wait to see it on someone else's blog.

    It's on mine :)

  10. I'm just now. I'm not even on technorati.

    Just call me the clueless blogging wonder...



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