October 22, 2009

My Google Reader Taunts Me

No matter how hard I try to keep up, I can't keep up with my Google Reader. I hate leaving any job unfinished, I do, but I just think I am fighting a losing battle. I don't know how so many people have so much to say with only 26 letters in the alphabet. The possibilities must end at some point, right? Isn't there a finite amount any blogger can write about? I am flabbergasted by the amount of posts some bloggers can churn out, and how funny or poignant or interesting they are, and here I am, still discussing my children's poop fetishes.

So, yeah, you could say I'm in a wee bit of a creative slump. It's only a mild case of writer's block, I hope. I think this slump means I need to go out and experience some things instead of reading these things in my Google Reader. So for the next couple of weeks, I might not be the bestest bloggy buddy ever (I'll still visit, just not as often), but my content will get better (hopefully?!?), and for those of you who are a slave to your Google Reader as I am will be thankful in the long run (again-hopefully?!?).

I leave you with this picture and caption which I have circulated in Facebook and Twitter (am I really stealing material from myself? I would say it's a new low, but I have done it many times before....)

Batman... or Cowboy/Lumberjack? You decide!
PS- 60 minutes into this experiment of less computer time I have done laundry and opened mail. And then updated my post. WOOT there's some blogging material.


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