October 19, 2009

Dear Jacob,

For you I have watched dozens of episodes of Elmo's World, cut up countless slices of pickles, let you spit out food into my hand because you bit off too much to chew, pick your boogers, and read Ten Little Fish over and over again. For you I have listened to Dr. Worm numerous times, sang Twinkle Twinkle, and Ba Ba Black Sheep (with made up lyrics because I can't remember them). For you I have given too many hugs and kisses to count, kissed thousands of boo-boos and tucked you in almost every night. For you I promise to love you unconditionally, even those times when we don't get along, see eye to eye, or even when you don't like me. Even when you're in High School and your room smells like a dirty sweat sock, I will still love you, I promise.

In return, you will always be my baby at age two or age forty-two. Sorry, it's a package deal.

My life changed so much when you came into this world two years ago today, it became 100 times crazier, but 10,000 times more enjoyable and interesting. Thank you for filling my life with laughter and joy.

I love you Jakey, more than I can ever express in a letter. Happy 2nd Birthday.
Love, Mommy


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