December 1, 2009

December Playlist

This list is a little odd and a lot dance-y, but that is because I have been on a gym kick lately, but it begins slow and ends slow. No there are no Christmas songs, I'm doing a workout playlist AND a Christmas playlist in a later post-try to contain your excitement!

  1. Paper Bag- Fiona Apple
  2. Before we Come Undone- Kris Allen
  3. The Breaks- Kurtis Blow
  4. Pork And Beans-Weezer
  5. Floorplan-Tegan & Sara
  6. It's Like That- Run-D.M.C.
  7. It Don't Move Me- Peter Bjorn and John
  8. I like to Move it- Will.I.Am (this is for the kids... I never, um listen to it on my own...)
  9. A-Punk- Vampire Weekend
  10. Kick Push- Lupe Fiasco
  11. Animal- Mike Snow
  12. Policy Of Truth- Depeche Mode
  13. Night Windows- The Weakerthans
  14. A Comet Appears- The Shins
What's on your Playlist this month? Any good Holiday songs? Workout songs? Rainy day Songs? LMK in the comments please! I'm always looking for new music.


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